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Topic: browser message | 9 October 2018 18:48
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We moved our 3d animation from one engine to another. New engine uses modern features and works almost like native game. 

As result you can see a huge graphical improvements, but bad things happens.

Which browser version do you use? Latest Firefox will be the fastest at this moment.
Topic: Transport to coordinates with more than 1 fleet | 21 August 2018 21:22
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Hello, Tii.

This is hard to do. Its a complex task. 

We need some user interface changes to add possibility to select fleet from list.
We need server changes to store additional field - fleet id.
And we need code changes to store this id and to select right fleet by this id.

I converted this Bug to New Idea.
Topic: Fire Power Station | 11 January 2018 17:22
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Moved to Complaints
Topic: Bad input planet data | 15 March 2016 12:04
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Hello Bruce, please check if you can logon.