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New Planet slots?, when leaving a planet

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If you "leave" a planet, does it give you the ability to colonized a new planet or do you have to still do the research.

Research gets expensive, like 8 million metal, 15 million minerals and 8 million gas after 8 planets...
15 May 2015 08:58
15 May 2015 08:58
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You can have
#Planets, including Special planets = + 1
#Asteroids =
#Moons&Insects = No limit as I know

Deleting some objects - it changes nothing.
Planets, Asteroids Moons&Insects have their own slots.

Highest level of all over the GameWorld is 11
Universe Records
P.S. Bruce,
Do not spam.
15 May 2015 15:59
15 May 2015 15:59


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