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ground defence

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shouldnt we able to sell the ground defence like we do with the fleet and i would like sunny to stay away from my post"s thank you
16 May 2016 12:24
16 May 2016 12:24
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I have had disagreements with sunny on many occasions but in this case he does make sense
the defence are static so can not be traded like fleet or recourses
however they could introduce a destroy option like buildings which are also static ???!!!
16 May 2016 14:26
16 May 2016 14:26
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Group guest
I completely agree and brought the idea into the game since long ago.

If the administrators would respect the players, will really look into player's requests. As you see, we are not respected.
Just very few people are playing now the game. I have lost all the friends I had a year ago.

The players MUST be able to sell anything in their possession, like: ships which do not belong to our race, but we have it, and as well the defensive systems.
At the end of the day, the administrators are making money out of this transactions.

As well the Planetoids and the Harvesters MUST be allowed to provide resources whilst are in the save flights. Otherwise why a player should use his HC to buy the Planetoids if they cannot be defended?
At the end of the day, those flights are requiring fuel - which is money.

The movement of the planets must have been allowed to be done against a fee, not to block it completely.

As I said dear players ... here is just about the players which are not respected ... no respect that all towards us the players!
17 May 2016 19:47
17 May 2016 19:47
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Group guest
they might be statick but you can trade them for the resoruces paying the 1 hyderian price to get b some of the resources its ridiculus that we can"t sell raciall ground def
19 May 2016 00:43
19 May 2016 00:43


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