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I have not had any real luck with Expeditions. Originally I was told to just send one of each ship, and what ever I do not mind possibly losing.  So I had sent at least one of each of Destroyer on down, with a couple extra smaller ones and cargo ships plus one science vessel each trip. I had rank 2 expedition and just sent one at a time.

Losses-- I lost 2 fleets and a partial one.  One time that was from unknown pirate fleet who killed me.  Other was from lost in wormhole, entire fleet one time and partial another.

Gains-- A couple of times I got some resources. once was about 37k total. other two were around 7k total.  Once time I got a free small cargo ship.

Two trips it said I found fleet perfect order, but had nobody to pilot them...not sure what they were since I had at least one or more each destroyer on down including spy probe, plus a science vessel.

With that said....I have rank 4 expedition now and thinking of researching wormhole tech.  However I would like any advice that could help make these better.  I.E. level of expedition, and wormhole tech etc. also possibly what ship combos might be better and amount of time to send them as well.

Thanks for any help/information/suggestions
18 December 2016 09:29:13
18 December 2016 09:29:13
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I sent my fleet for a 24 hour period. Below, you have the result. Keep in mind, this was luck and it is entirely random. But just to get an idea :)

And this is my expedition queue ( Expedition level 4 + Wormhole 1 )

Hope this helps and good luck! :)
11 January 2017 00:37:42
11 January 2017 00:37:42
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I Recalled my fleet in time before the Expedition Expired. Realize my fleets were lost after I checked hours later.

Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
Between 29 Jun 03:00:51 to 29 Jun 10:55:01

Fleet was recalled from Expedition. Notice the fleet missing (Fighter, >190 destroyers, 3 Large Cargo, and materials)
No report of Fleet Destroyed or Expedition Loss in report.
29 June 2021 11:12:42
29 June 2021 11:12:42
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Quote: TheEdge
Fleet was recalled from Expedition. Notice the fleet missing (Fighter, >190 destroyers, 3 Large Cargo, and materials)
No report of Fleet Destroyed or Expedition Loss in report.

That fleet finished its expedition and was fully lost in black hole at 03:17:21, 29 Jun 2021. You should've got a message about it in “Expedition Reports”.
There was no recall action logged for that fleet.
29 June 2021 15:07:20
29 June 2021 15:07:20
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I suspect these players don't even know how to manually recall the fleet ... and mistake the automatic recall for manual .....

See screenshot on the left - 1st arrow: When this time has expired, the result of the expedition occurs: black hole or return of the fleet .....
See screenshot on the right - 2st arrow: therefore, the round symbol on the right for the manual callback must be clicked well before the expedition time is up (left 1.)

no further discussion necessary here - but actually carry out the callback manually and correctly! I don't have the Hydarian as a normal player for pointless discussion ....
8 July 2021 21:17:23
8 July 2021 21:17:23


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