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Holding coordinates

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Starting with esp 10, my fleets can hold coordinates.
What does that mean? Defending debris field for X amount of time?
What next?
I have esp 10, and the only option I have (despite having loaded extra gas) is to return home:(
How can I get to specific coordinates and then choose an action (deploy, transport, attack, etc)?

13 January 2017 00:39
13 January 2017 00:39
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Group guest
Maybe this, You click on the fleet in the galaxy tab, you see your fleet and there must bee a option named sending...

Click it it you will enter the Fleet control room ,then send on any missionsHolding coordinates

13 January 2017 11:27
13 January 2017 11:27
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defend cord 
then you can click on the defending fleet in the galaxy view (or sending from the fleet view) and move or attack from there
but it has to be defend to start with
13 January 2017 11:31
13 January 2017 11:31
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Ty both. I actually found it out how to do it in the fleet screen in the meantime, but wasn't aware of the galaxy map option :(

Now it works fine;-)
13 January 2017 23:15
13 January 2017 23:15


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