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Open voting: move station

yes or no
yes - 2 (50%: shane, strategichicken)

no - 2 (50%: Valentin999, stein)

- 0 (0%)

Total voted: 5

new engine to move station

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it would be of great strategic advantage to be able to move a space station to a already captured planet!
they did something like this in the star trek series DS9 when they first found the worm hole they need to get closer to cover and defend, so they used the deflector to help the shield and increased the orbital thrusters to move! this was done only once as it was not designed to move.
so for our captured station maybe we could move it just ONCE only by building a new engine only available on stations s.u.i.t.e. (single use instant travel engine)
you would need to build one level of engine on the station ( requiring a field for only lvl 1)
1 lvl engine for each system you want to travel 
1 lvl = 1 system, 10 lvl = 10 systems
but once you use the engine it burns out leaving a radioactive mess so can not be built again unless recaptured
because it is not a normal engine it would take no fuel just cost to build
maybe because it is a instant jump warping into place it could occupy any vacant planet space by shifting the planet out of phase and sitting its place, if some one captured the station the planet would return  
26 February 2017 13:29
26 February 2017 13:29
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If you could move Space Stations, every big Player had one nearby.
Or the big Alliances would create some Systems, specialist in ship building
near their center.
So no chance for a normal player to get one.
26 February 2017 14:43
26 February 2017 14:43
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Group humans Alliance the paranoid androids 18 12 33 Points 105 193 Messages 355
the station have different scores so there are ones for weaker players
26 February 2017 16:31
26 February 2017 16:31
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agree , good point Shane
5 October 2017 01:18
5 October 2017 01:18


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