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Do you need professional Help Victoria ?, Xcraft Programmers produce with every change more errors

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Hi Victoria:
while writing this my flight don't finish.

Checkout this image please:

Flights don't finish.

Your programmers are say it nicely not really professionals, but amateurs.
With every change they make they produce more errors.

Do you need professional help ??

To explain:
- you don't put untested changes directly in the prod system

- you test every change deeply

- you should have an idea which effects has a change on other areas of the system

- you should document your changes

- you should have switches with which you can take back changes in emergency cases

Your programmers seem to do the opposite ??


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Third class award

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28 June 2017 06:00:28
28 June 2017 06:00:28
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Bug is fixed, we are sorry for any inconvenience.
28 June 2017 09:09:46
28 June 2017 09:09:46


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