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Generate pirates up to arm 1.000, More space for smaller alliances

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Currently pirates on coordinates are generated only up to arm 100.
Big alliances, (like the geniuses from Tehb / Shahdows) claim all territory up to arm 100 as theirs.

The result is that these big alliances bully smaller players / alliances.
They do this by claiming that all pirates are theirs, by destroying moons of players up to attacking alliance bank and taking down network of smaller alliances.

And there is no space to move unless you abandon hunting pirates.

Therefore I propose this:

Generate pirates up to arm 1.000.

This would give smaller alliances/players a space to grow in peace, without being bullied.

And it will cost you probably just to change one variable / constant in the script.

And the big alliances?  Well - they can continue being jerks in their area.  ;-)
10 August 2017 03:05
10 August 2017 03:05
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Sorry Reimund, you live in a dream World.
The big alliances special tehb makes balance settings.
and they do not want a long flight to their small targets.

Of course they do not allow pirat hunting in complete area wich they "call" their own.

If they generate pirats at arm 1000 Their "claim" just gets bigger.

This is called a war game. But it should be called "play here to get robbed"
if you also become big - they do balance changings again - so you ever stay small.

12 August 2017 19:15
12 August 2017 19:15
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I completely agree with you, that with these corrupt admins my idea won't be implemented.
Admins are playing themselves ( what is wrong ) and they are infiltrated by the big alliances.

Basically you can this game also a fraud.
New players dont know about this corruption when they start the game and invest money.
They learn it the hard way, like I did.

How often our super admins changed to rules to please the big players and to destroy the small players ?

Against all odds I've published my idea here.
But I dont expect any changes from it.

Lets see this game as a perfect example of real life russian corruption  ;-)

12 August 2017 21:08
12 August 2017 21:08


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