Tehb (https://xcraft.net/alliance/14460/) are traitors and thieves, Tehb steals asteroide from small player

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I want to tell you a little story.
I'm biased, as I'm currently at war with Tehb ( https://xcraft.net/alliance/14460/ ).

all started like this:

- in my area  ( 19:461:3)  I had a non-aggression agreement with Tehb.
I dont attack their asteroides and they dont attack me.  (based on a little fight before the agreement)
Well - a good agreement between gentlemen. But Tehb of course betrayed me and attacked my fleet on my moon.
A nice attack. My local Tehb "friends" scanned me and checked my online status.
Then they flew in some asshole from another sector ( SUPERKOMMANDOR) and he attacked my fleet.
Atfer the attack he wrote something like:  "when you are decent person, you dont attack now our asteroides. Because it was a fair battle"
Means that he knew about the agreement.

The same day I started my attacks on their asteroides and alliance stations.

Then they started crying:   There are unwritten rules. Noone can attack asteroides ------------ blablabla

They also stated that they "earned" all their asteroides and that all are rightfully theirs.

Well here is the story of my friend WWW1  :

at [45:453:6] my friend WWW1 (https://xcraft.net/user/WWW1) got an asteroide from Phoenix attack.
he built buildings there and operated it for some time.

Now a huge Tehb player has it.
How did this come ?

Well they first sent a smaller account outside the alliance to conquer the asteroide.
Then this smaller account left it and the big Tehb asshole colonized it.
The smaller account was https://xcraft.net/user/aivavic
( at this time outside the alliance - now Theb again of course )

Of course all planned by Theb.
Officially they claim that they got all asteroides honestly.

These motherfuckers are thieves and traitors
or as a friend of mine calls them: "V...a asshole cleaners"

well, when they can attack and conquer asteroides, why cannot the other players do the same ???????????????????????????????????

Are these unwritten rules just for us smaller players and not for Tehb ???

Guys:  when you are under pressure by Theb do this

- scan the asteroides  every day
- when there is light defence and you see providers / recyclers / destillers ,  attack them and take the debris

- when they claim, that asteroides cannot be attacked:   show them the example of my friend  WWW1

- when you don't have the balls to attack them:  send me PM with the data of the asteroide.  I will attack it when I'm in the area


29 August 2017 22:18:09
29 August 2017 22:18:09
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An arrogant Tehb player  ( https://xcraft.net/user/ZIGfire  ) asked for proof that the asteroid was in possession of player WWW1.

Well here is the battle report how the asteroid was built during Phoenix attack on one of player WWW1 planets.


Proof enough for the Tehb thieves ???????????????
30 August 2017 04:00:45
30 August 2017 04:00:45
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Reimund,  I am wondering.
There are different unwritten Rules. Like do not attack service Fleet, ( fleet without weapons ).
Tehb also do not care about. Zorgg_J attacked my Colony ships more than once.

If you do the same they cry.
In fact here is anarchy. And in anarchy the law does the stronger.

Tehb forgett one thing.
Great power also means responsibility
And they are not the leading alliance, until they realize that.
What is difficult to see such deep in V. A...

30 August 2017 12:04:05
30 August 2017 12:04:05


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