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A farewell message to the XCraft community (well, at least the ones th

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Dear fellow players,

Well, production figures are still low. Time to ditch this game - it has been roughly an year, but it's time to go. I'm really fed up with this and I fear that, eventually, most players will become used to the present state of things and the admins will win. I suppose...

During the period I played this game I was never able to join an alliance. But it's partly my fault because there were some aspects of this game I never truly mastered. To be honest I did not bother to do so.

But it's interesting to see that so many of the "superior" and arrogant players (there are some in this game, unfortunately, but they are not the majority) that mocked me for my lack of ability are not able to use their strategic superiority to create true pressure on the admins. Well, I suppose this is what happens when you focus on a game and forget that life has a different set of rules. So much for superiority...

If the admins check my profile history/log, they will discover I made purchases and played regularly. The player they are losing is one of the kind they cannot afford to lose. So, if you can, try to learn something. 

For the time being I will not remove my profile, to make sure this message will be visible. But after a couple of days (or weeks, I don't really care anymore), I will proceed as such. I already abandoned my planets except for one and sent my fleet in a suicide mission.

For the good friends I made here: thank you for all the time we spent together.
For the arrogant players that were unfriendly and unpolite, I also leave a message: everything has to come to an end. Even this game. All the time you invested here to become powerful players means nothing (you know, this is just a game ;) ) and will eventually mean even less in the future. 

Time to go. "So long and thanks for all the fish" !
7 February 2018 11:26
7 February 2018 11:26
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Good bye.
Guess see you soon at other game.

8 February 2018 01:38
8 February 2018 01:38


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