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carrier for fleets and defence from PS

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Far ago there was introduced a new unit, therefore why not now?
People like shiny new useless things.
Adm wants alliance station are build on moons, so defence with old alliance is  pointless in some way.
I see many posts on the russian forum, so adm will be rewarded.

 i suggest
- to make the new unit to have decent characteristics. When more players build a large number of them, then adm can cut
it as usually;
- defence shouldn't jump from one place to another very often - so new unit velocity can be low as lex has;
- now fuel usage is crazy for all units  so can be low as lex has;
-each new unit can transport 1000 units  like carrier (100 unit of fleet or defence)
-it can be build on pirat stations
- it would be rightly if Vasya determine the cost of the unit himself
- i propose name for the new unit - Vasyadron

thx for reading
14 May 2018 20:02
14 May 2018 20:02


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