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Now: 20 September 2019 17:03

Hydarian Crytals, usefulls.-

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It is Usefull the hydarian crystals? just to topic in this sections, just because the importance of comunication. 
28 May 2018 20:22
28 May 2018 20:22
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Wish to bay h-crystals and saw that is no longer possible because I'm from Serbia. Why are "other ways" of payment terminated. In this way, you are favored players from Russia and I'm thinking to leave the game.
2 April 2019 10:32
2 April 2019 10:32
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Same problem here. Can not buy more crystals because of that. Other ways of payment is missing.
2 April 2019 13:01
2 April 2019 13:01
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With the change up of the methods of payment for the purchase of Hydraian Crystals (HC) using the offer means of payment was somewhat of a challenge, but successful. Was able to purchase HC after becoming acquainted with new mediums of payment, the question I have now is the bonuses of Flag vessels offered for purchased amounts of HC have not been forth coming, have these bonus offers been discontinued or is there some problem with issuance of the bonuses? I would really like an answer to this inquery - thank you.
3 April 2019 06:54
3 April 2019 06:54


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