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incorrect math for upgrades

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Hi All,

 know it might be a detail but I noticed the maths that is done for upgrades is wrong.

Let me give an easy example: belly sacs: it s says: each level of research upgrade gives and upgrade of 5%

take the overlord: starts with basic 15000 capacity

level one wuold give +5% = +750 gives 15750

leve two would give: again +5% 
but now it should be calculated starting with the capacity the overlord has from his previous upgrade! so starting with the in the 15750 capacity.  That would give an surplus of 787 % on 15750)  so end capacity shuld be 16537, instead it give 1500 + 750 +750 = 16500

if you take this in account for higher levels it goes more and more out off balance.  At level 6 (my current level) its already a undercapacity of more then 600.

This is  so for every upgrade, upgrades in speed, power armor etc, so  this is a real unbalance.
15 July 2018 14:03
15 July 2018 14:03
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Upgrades are always based and applied on the base values of the ship.
15 July 2018 14:44
15 July 2018 14:44


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