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I am sorry to say, but this game has turned out a disappointment to me.
Although it was promising in the beginning, it soon turned out to be a game of only who has te most powerful fleet is having a good chance to play.  if you just want to enjoy slowly building, space exploration, then this is a hopeless game.

I played strategy games before, things as WoW, starCraft, Supreme Commander, etc so don't tell me I don't know how to play this kind off games;   Every time I am starting to build a fleet, a stronger player just wipes out everything, steels all resources etc.  I tried to move my resources around on fleets, but when you miss out an hour or two then its still being attacked, or sucked into a wormhole or what ever.  I have tried building massive defences but then just a player with a few thousand ships  passes  by destroying it all.

Anyway, I have decided to stop playing, there is no more fun in for me, only the frustration of  coming online and finding my starting to grow fleet being wiped out,  or my build up resources being looted by another player. So I stop playing, maybe I pop in from time to time, but I think this means the end for what seemed a fun game.
5 August 2018 23:11
5 August 2018 23:11
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Save Fleet + Resources in Expeditions.

When you come online tomorrow save them for at least 48 hours. so you have a full day in reserve, even more.
5 August 2018 23:38
5 August 2018 23:38


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