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Scanning Bug, extra data from scans

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A strange thing happened to me twice already.

1- about five days ago I sent my spy to scan station  around planet and for some reason got all the data about the planet also...  Station was from of inactive player , Planet from other - active player.
2- today I sent my spies to scan planet of inactive user for resources, but somehow insectoid of another, active player, was scanned. 

It is very annoying for those active players to get info that they were scanned , even thought it was never my intention. 

I was told that this situation is going on for half year already. somehow i never bumped into it...

If i may suggest, maybe it is OK to get info of all objects on coordinates, but only if they belong to SAME player that was scanned. Will definitely help to avoid awkward situations..

14 March 2019 12:31:02
14 March 2019 12:31:02
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When you spying, you are getting info about all objects on this coordinates. This is not a bug.
15 March 2019 12:29:00
15 March 2019 12:29:00


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