Here's advice I doubt a single person will listen to., This will be deleted I'm sure.

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DON'T PLAY THIS PIECE OF SHIT GAME. If your a new player don't bother. Unless of course you want to throw money at it. Then you'll be perfectly fine. Or your a masochist.


  Well, let's start with the basics. There are none. As in if you're not russian then don't even bother trying to learn anything from the forum tutorial. It is a literal garble of letters. Nothing it says makes sense. Why is that a problem? I DON'T SPEAK RUSSIAN (which I'm guessing you would have to read it in for it to make sense). The interface works perfectly and tells you absolutely nothing. You can try to read the tutorial. And I'm sure many smarter people than me have figured it out, but it's just a mess of letters and barely formed words. There is no in game tutorial that tells you how things work or how to use certain features. Is that a big deal, generally no. Until it comes to critically important features such as the FAS that doesn't work. The mentor system is great and Victoria has been helpful, when they're on. However it's entirely dependent on when said mentor is on. They have their own life and most likely won't be on when you need that critical question answered right now. The critical question that should be covered in any sort of tutorial.

  Why doesn't FAS work? Hell if I know. And once you figure out that it's not working no point in trying to get you ships out as they'll be destroyed long before they're "warm up time" is over for them to escape.

  Why am I so hung up on the FAS? Because your fleet is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT RESOURCE YOU HAVE IN THE GAME, and protecting it is what you need to do to survive in this game.

  So if FAS doesn't work how do you protect you fleets? I don't have a fucking clue. You need the Expedition technology to send your fleets out that way, which is something that I doubt few new players will get anytime soon. You can send them to attack someone, assuming that your ships your sending out have any fighting capability. Don't expect to send them out to attack someone and then have them retreat when they get their because of the "warm up" time they WILL be destroyed before they leave. You can send them out recycling, which is very viable, but ONLY WORKS IF YOU KNOW THAT FEATURES OF THE GAME AREN'T WORKING AHEAD OF TIME. This is of course if you have the fleet slot capability to send out more fleets. If not then just kiss your stuff goodbye.

  So what does paying have to do with it? Everything. Important things like certain ships are locked behind levels of tech that no newby will unlock anytime soon. I find no problem with that. But when you have to use the in game premium currency to replace those ships that get demolished by an in-game quest event. Then I have a problem. Anyways, I'll just leave my rant here since I really don't feel like going on. There won't be anyone who will read this and take it seriously so whatever. I expect people to be assholes and am willing to deal with it. But when the game itself seems to be designed to say fuck you, give me money. I'll just go play Dark Souls.
21 March 2019 15:36:15
21 March 2019 15:36:15
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FAS does work but the mode is set to civilian units only at the start I think. You have to set it to full to save your war ships as well.

You can switch the FAS mode in the overview of the planet.
22 March 2019 00:49:22
22 March 2019 00:49:22
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  FAS modes was set to full enabled. Not civilian. Didn't stop the Destroyer from the starting of the Agents Mission (which I have no idea how or why the mission popped) from nearly wiping my entire civilian fleet (the thing pissing me off the most), all the free ships I got from completing the second mission (Don't really mind cause they were free), and hitting me just over 24 hours since I started the game. A destroyer with a level 10 admiral and 19k armor/hull points, Doing nearly 3k dmg per shot. Might not sound like a lot to players who have been playing for a while, but I had a total of 12 Vikings (the free ships), 15 fighters and 2 stealth fighters, and the fighters and stealth fighters were off on an attack mission (not like they would have mattered much). The only thing I have left is the small cargo ships that were with my attack fleet. So now I have no recyclers, which to me is a major resource unit, and the only way to get more is either struggle to get my rocket engine tech to level 6 or buy them with premium currency. Then there's the fact that I have to build them which costs a huge amount of resources (for someone of my level). And yes I know about the free one in the premium show and had already claimed it. And, since I have gone up a level (?) the number of targets available to me has dropped significantly.

  Although to be fair, I was seriously pissed when I wrote this and to be fair the game isn't a Piece of shit.  It does remind me of a couple other browser games that are very very similar, and no I'm not talking about Star Craft, and that's what really got me interested in it. It's combines the best elements of those games and created something really interesting. But there is some serious balance issues when a new player (a day old account) is getting hit by one of the most powerful ships in the game, with major tech bonuses and a high level admiral added to that, because of a mission/quest that decided to activate on it's own.
22 March 2019 06:26:17
22 March 2019 06:26:17
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We managed to figure out what the problem was.

To everyone who reads this:
You need a hangar (as human) to unlock FAS at all. Without a hangar you can not use FAS.
When you click on the text "FAS" in your planet overview, not on the mode change tho', you will get a detailed view on which ships currently are under FAS, how many FAS points you have and how many of them are currently used.
22 March 2019 07:12:54
22 March 2019 07:12:54


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