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New Balance updates English Forum users don't know about

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 So since Admin refuses to inform the English Forum users of balance changes before, or even on the day they are introduced, I have decided to share a few of the latest changes with you instead. 

(from the Russian Forum - )
1 - Gravity Trampoline price has increased by 250,000 metal, taking it to 750k metal / Mineral + 500k Gas per unit.
2 - A 50% reduction in the Small Shield Dome, Large Shield Dome and Planetary Defense units is now in effect. Please check your stats on those.
3 - The capacity of the Nuclear Missile has been decreased by 150% and its fuel consumption has been increased 10x
4 - Pirate fleets have increased appearance on coordinates by 25%

5 - Cost of using the Forum has increased from 0 Crystals to 3 Crystal to make a new topic, and one crystal to comment on a topic.
 There are also changes to the Collision possibility of Grav Guns / Satellites, but I have not found any further information. Feel free to comment here if you know about this. Best that we inform ourselves here.

 I have placed this in the Complaints section as I feel it is in the best interests of ALL players here to know what is happening in the game, not just those whom use the Russian Forum.
Please rectify these delays in informing the English Forum of important changes. 

24 May 2019 00:03
24 May 2019 00:03
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24 May 2019 00:15
24 May 2019 00:15


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