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Was it really necessary to neuter the SW now? why was it suddenly made so slow?
I have to say, any change coming from you is the last fuck

Let's have a look at the changes
1. Fleet stand with the warm-up time on coordinates and planets
2. all pirates have admiral 10 (newbies can never shoot at low cost)
3. the change of storage
4. permanent change to the officers. Officers are reset and simply more expensive. From month to month they will be even more expensive. not to mention 20k HC for the pirate
5. cooling of gravity guns after moving + warm-up time
6. at times a reduction of gate range + increase of cooling (incredible cost
7. Reduction of pirates (even less ressis to be taken)
8. Reduction of the speed of the SW

Which of the points is there for the balance or to make the game better?
and I know that I did not name any other points

I just heard that the speed of the trampolines was reduced by 90%.
Honestly since you are still right in the head?
apparently there were more changes. I have not noticed this yet. what is operated here, however, is the very last and only depleted.
5 June 2019 17:53:38
5 June 2019 17:53:38
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this only decrease player playing this game with shitty changes... 
5 June 2019 19:40:40
5 June 2019 19:40:40
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buy hc and shut up !

starting this game my fuel cost where 10%
and my mines produced 500% compared to now.
Actual changes are logic.
Every Player makes server costs.
So they often do shitty change to bother real player away.
Just watch the potty 2019.
You see they need barrows to transport money.

5 June 2019 21:01:39
5 June 2019 21:01:39
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These types of constant "nerfing" of key elements of the game is not a good way to keep players ...
I personally buy HCs on a fairly regular basis ... BUT these types of changes ruin the game play ... and make me NOT want to support the game by buying HC's.
This was the first game That i enjoyed enough to "pay to play"... and I have ... until these latest changes .... 
If this continues ... it will stop completely for being fun... and I personally will stop contributing to the game.

Sincerely ,
5 June 2019 22:22:46
5 June 2019 22:22:46
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Is there a place where the changes are being announced (crazy idea I know right)? Making updates, changes, and sometimes balancing parts of a game, if that what we calling price hikes and nerfs now, is not new to me however, ALL other games you get some kind of warning. It is really tiresome spending money on something one day, then log on next day and it is nerfed hard (100x speed to 10x and 75k distance to 10k distance per trampoline). Didn't the cost to make the trampolines increase not too long ago as well? lol

But hey you can get one of those natural stones on "handmade" (lmao) ceramic stand with xcraft logo for only $800.00! But you can't give me a warning when my main resource gathering fleet gets f***ed? Oh you can get one of those natural stone planets for $20 online and throw it on some of your dog's s*** and carve xcraft and you got better souvenir.  
6 June 2019 07:10:50
6 June 2019 07:10:50
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Toiletdude, go to the russian form in balance area check it there its uptodate there not here.
6 June 2019 09:16:39
6 June 2019 09:16:39


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