Dota Planet, Branch of the Iron Tree

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Toss accounts have a medal (cf 'Medals' tab of 'Quests' link) that is conferred once the player gets 'Branch of the Iron tree' by performing an expedition to the 'Dota Planet'. Until one gets 'Branch of the Iron tree', one cannot build one's own Investigator ships (and hence must buy them from the Bestiary).

I've never heard of the 'Dota Planet' before playing as a Toss, and I can find no mention of it in the (english) forums. Even my knowledgeable mentor is unsure about this tidbit. Players that I've messages are also in the dark.

Can anyone fill me in? Maybe even point me to in-game info or a forum posting that I may have somehow missed?
1 September 2019 00:45:22
1 September 2019 00:45:22
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Quote: whbloom
ss accounts have a m

MAN. go to normal english speaking ally. we know such shit.
You find that dota planet only in expedition.
And who to hell is your tutor please ?
Guess its tii ?
3 October 2019 02:40:03
3 October 2019 02:40:03
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Yes, it is a random event happening from sending ships on actual expedition, the 10th coordinate of a system. I honestly do not know about the drop rates, but pretty sure it isn't restricted to any specific galaxy group, like the artifacts are.
3 October 2019 11:26:23
3 October 2019 11:26:23


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