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Why my COMPUTER TEHNOLOGY  droped from 10 lvl (or 11 lvl) to  lvl 3 (i had 13 fleet slot and now only 3) ?
11 November 2019 21:00:58
11 November 2019 21:00:58
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God read forum the admins made a" balancing update"

And no in they gave no compensation. Why should they ? .....

Nothing is save here... build a fleet of any ship type balncing uptdate will come.

Hunt pirates, next update will make it harde to get them.

Reasearch a technology, next update will reset it....
12 November 2019 00:41:43
12 November 2019 00:41:43
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The "Balance" mod struck yet again.
The balance mod's purpose seems to be to rape and pillage our hard won achievements and money... not necessarily in that order. I mean the least they could do is ship us some lube before they fuck us... Just saying they didn't even buy us dinner or a movie first...
16 November 2019 01:17:04
16 November 2019 01:17:04


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