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How to build Quay? ( got Pirate Officer ) , How to build Quay? ( got Pirate Officer )

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How to build Quay? ( got Pirate Officer )??
3 March 2020 01:30
3 March 2020 01:30
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You need a moon, with the required buildings built, the first level of pirate officer, and a deep set of pockets to get the required level of pirate officer to make it worth it.
Super stations are over all better though still cost a ton of crystal, allow the quay to be built with other options, and is more useful. if you do not plan to buy alot of crystal would look at your option and decide what best meets your needs. as if you build anything but a super station, you can not build any thing else.
2 April 2020 23:39
2 April 2020 23:39


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