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another change WITHOUT notice - mine production

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are you still comforting? are you significantly reducing mine production from one moment to the next? You are 100% aware that many players can no longer keep their fleet size and are now forced to buy your "brilliant" premium package for $ 28 a month. you really always find new ideas to pull the money out of your pocket.
you don't see a single cent of me behaving like this!
one can only say that you are vultures and nothing more.
9 May 2020 15:12
9 May 2020 15:12
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It is not normal to cut the income 3 times and the prices for everything to stay the same. If they think they will make the player pay cent for the game after, they are in big mistakes. If somebody didn't pay money for year and more, he won't pay when you cut his income. That is big mistake and a lot of players will just quit the game. I am one of them.
9 May 2020 15:27
9 May 2020 15:27
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You can go direct to hell if you think I will pay or waste any cent else on this game.

I was wating for next cut of my credit card to buy 2000 HC, but, thank you for help me to take a better decision.

You want to enforce player to pay more and more. keep going, you are doing really well ;)
9 May 2020 19:43
9 May 2020 19:43
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Well , this is the end of this game i guess..
10 May 2020 10:15
10 May 2020 10:15


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