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chuchkhe should reduce amortisation, but production goes down more

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Hi Admins.
For reducing my amortisation I spent my left hc on " CHUCHKHE "
I bought level 3.
And my amortisation went 2 metall and 2 mineral down.
UNFORTUNATELY the production went down more. - 35 mineral.
So I bought officer to make my desaster better and made 33 mineral minus.
Screen level 2 produktion / amortisation -
Screen level 3 produktion / amortisation -
So I spendet hc for officer and have lower production ? serious ?

Addon: 1+2+3=6 /3 = 2 so I should loose 2 % amortisation. But instead of 2% I lost 2. no percent. 2.
Text says clear I loose % of 1 third of sum of levels.

DEAR VICTORIA. I CHECKED. still have wrong numbers.
you closed the topic. Even I payed 5 hc to make your game better.
I have wrong amortisation and more wrong production.
at least production needs to go up same way amortisation goes down.
And amortisation went 0.4 % down. Correct the Text in officer description
or give me correct numbers !
1 June 2020 04:12
1 June 2020 04:12
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The amortisation is updated once a day together with fleet points. Check it out now.
2 June 2020 06:05
2 June 2020 06:05


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