resource merchant now 3 HC's per trade, Why are you charging 3 hc's for the local res merchant

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I do not understand this new fee. Why are we being charged 3 hc's per transaction? You guys are ready get your cut on your exchange rate! This merchant is already very expensive to use in terms of the exchange rate between the different rss! Now you guys are tacking on an additional 3 hc's no matter what size the exchange is! This is literally the only way a little guy can build up some vespin as we all know that production as it is today is shit.

Please take this fee back out.
1 July 2020 17:59:24
1 July 2020 17:59:24
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the larger players of all people are even more dependent on the exchange of resources ..... this does not only affect the small players ..... If we cannot swap larger resources, we play like beginners with 25,000 points ... I think , every beginner would laugh at the possibilities we currently have against the high aggression of the pirates and the extremely difficult to reach Vespangas - additionally complicated by the new fee ....

For most big players, the daily expedition costs for fleets alone are more than the ability to produce gas in one day. We do not forget that production has been reduced five times.

Farmer - no chance ...
Pirate hunt - only possible for a limited time and then shoot like a beginner at very small garbage that doesn't help ...
Game against player, if you are not yet a top player who already has a certain development hit, you can hardly do anything without additional costs ...
But where should we be able to cover the costs when there is no income? ..... .....

Development stop is guaranteed! The premium package helps 10% - and then the development is over ...

I see how far I can get - and if it doesn't work anymore, I still don't invest any money in the game ... then it just doesn't work ... there are other nice things besides XCraft .. ....
3 July 2020 01:24:23
3 July 2020 01:24:23
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the 3 HP cost is designed to make you pay real cash for this game. it make the 100 you get for premium look more attractive. every change they make is designed to make you pay real cash. that is the only objective of the developers. not game enjoyment. Here is a comparison. I spend 14$ USD for Elder Scrolls online ESO. that game has a HUGE world and gaming area, with quest, skills growth, personal growth as well as leveling the charter. This Flat world has personal growth by resource gathering, and they want 18$ USD for a month of play. with a Fraction of the game possibilities. They continue to take away growth that is not cost passed so that players who do not pay will not be able to grow. Oh and ESO does have a free to play option that only slows some growth. you still can achieve anything in ESO. but this game if you run out of HC you dead because you can not get gas (vespene) to fleet save. I have been selling off some of my fleet just so I can get vespene so I can hunt for more resources, so I can get more gas. The end result will be me selling all my fleet which ends the game!!! or running out of Vespene and not being able to fleet save and then loosing all my fleet which ends the game!!! well that is my literally my .02 cents worth because 1000 HO = 20$ USD so .02 = 1 HC
7 July 2020 15:18:56
7 July 2020 15:18:56
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You know when I did their 18/month thing, I at least thought those trades with the merchant would at least be free. Wink wink, but nope. Not right now anyway.
8 July 2020 21:32:30
8 July 2020 21:32:30


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