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Change of name in flight, how to change user name in flight ???

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@Tresh changes and backchanges his Name in flight with OPS.
Why he can do that ? both screens made in 2 minutes difference. @Tresh @Triplett

And other time other place other spelling with 1 T and no capital letter.

This is not FAIR play. Vasja.
Please explain to me. If he uses "cheat" than bann tresh.
The point count is 100% identic. so he it is.
It is not autotranslate. that is a fact.
19 persons watched. with different browser.
No plugins installed.
And all other OPS do show original names.
And marsman is not qualified for anything. Because we have 5 different spellings
from triplet to Triplette to Triplet1
TRANSLATOR Adds no numbers.
5 July 2020 16:40:20
5 July 2020 16:40:20
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This is definitely an auto translate error
His name translate to that when I use it
But hey don't cry so much ;-)
9 July 2020 07:26:53
9 July 2020 07:26:53
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Renaming after 1kk is not possible. There was no renaming in logs as well. There is no user with nickname Triplett at the moment.
Make sure that it was't any plugin and open a profile with this nickname. The URL will contain the current nickname, which is not changed by the automatic translator.
9 July 2020 07:53:07
9 July 2020 07:53:07


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