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funny NO BAttle report bug, no battle reports

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Hello Admins.
The shadow alliance steals our OPS. 22 this moment.
AND oh wonder.
Stealing of OPS gets no Battle Report anymore.
Only a bad girl thinks you did special for growing the shadow area.
nice work. CHEATER
That it is not possible to steal back from bigger player
just a nice free adon for shadow, too
Is it possible to do not any game change they ask for ?
It is anoying that they steal our ops - and game denied to steal back.
outlaw or not.
( I do not talk from super big guns , I talk from player with 7,7 mio points. )
And game denied the colonisation try.
The different Rules -
This is not first time we see.
First class award

First class award

This award can be exchanged for flagship award. It is issued for assistance in addressing critical bugs in game.

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13 October 2020 21:48
13 October 2020 21:48
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Give us an example of the OPS stollen without the battle report, for checking, please
14 October 2020 06:12
14 October 2020 06:12
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HardStone, bug was solved just now. There was a problem exact at last line of code. So the whole battle was without problem, but crashed to save the log.
14 October 2020 08:06
14 October 2020 08:06


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