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Galaxy view, AGAIN pic sizes

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Galaxy view zoom fucked.

There is not REASON you need to have such big pictures behind.
OF course all slow.

And such failors like this one happen.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Guess I need to Explain. Full HD - is max resolution what is needed.
most still run smaler.

The execution and the technical effort involved in the transformation determine the reproduction quality, in particular the perceived quality.
In practice, desk and laptop monitors only have the aspect ratios 5: 4 (1.25), 4: 3 (1.33), 16:10 (1.6) and 16: 9 (1.78). If the aspect ratios differ, the graphics will be compressed or stretched in width during playback, in particular 15: 9 usually becomes 16: 9. Some designations, such as XGA, have been so blurred by current advertising practice that there are now diverse interpretations of the original standards - mostly supplemented by additional letters - that are not part of the respective standard. Quad (Q) stands for four times the number of pixels of the base size (doubling of width and height), Quarter (also Q) for quarter (halving width and height) and Hex (H) for sixteen times (quadrupling width and height) . In the widescreen sizes, the W is sometimes separated by a hyphen and / or placed backwards, e.g. E.g .: WXGA, W-XGA, XGAW, XGA-W. The resolutions below the original VGA resolution are mainly used today in mobile phone and PDA displays - often upright. Modern computer monitors and graphics cards support image sizes of up to 4,096 × 2,160 pixels, proprietary systems also support a resolution of 5,120 × 2,880 pixels. [1] DAR = display aspect ratio | PAR = pixel aspect ratio

12 January 2022 20:33:16
12 January 2022 20:33:16
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For the last 3-4 months on the PC , I can only move between pages 3-4 times , (ie from one planet screen to another , then station it doesn't matter where I am , flight screen , overview , scripts etc.
After that game freezes , faster to close and reopen browser
I flew not even once during the Santa quest not worth my time getting frustrated trying to play the game
13 January 2022 05:52:12
13 January 2022 05:52:12
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13 January 2022 09:04:05
13 January 2022 09:04:05


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