Open voting: Automation logic — Introduce automation of the mechanics of the political system

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Automation of the mechanics of the political system

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Dear members of the political system. I propose a single mechanism for all chambers so as not to slow down the work of the political system as a whole. And so the gist is:

IfA senator does not vote in the Senate (7 days or 168 hours), the Senator is excluded from the Senate for a period of 1 month and replaced by the next one in the rating.

IfNT does not respond to quorum after the end of the voting period hanging for a week (7 days or 168 hours), NT automatically becomes the next one on the list.

A rulemaker who can initiate Council bills and block or approve Senate bills approved by the Tribune of the People by using the appropriate "Proceed" and "Veto" buttons above the bill's headings.
He has a super medal and a medal of the station.
ApprovedEditor of the Balance and People's Tribune the bills go to the imperial office and go directly to the development.

IfRB does not respond to approved bills NT 2 weeks (14 days or 336 hours), RB automatically becomes the next one on the list.
15 February 2022 01:48:37
15 February 2022 01:48:37
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Решение о снятии НТ заблокировано самим НТ и по текущим правилам админисрация ничего не может сделать.
Одобренные Народным Трибуном и Редактором Баланса законопроекты попадают в императорскую канцелярию и идут напрямую в разработку.

Процедур снятия НТ не разработан, но из-за текущего голосования админисрация проекта вводит правило о том что
Одобрение НТ или РБ может быть заменено одобрением Конгресса.

В этом случае можно будет устроить импичмент НТ и вместо одобрения НТ импичмент одобрит Конгресс.
22 February 2022 09:09:00
22 February 2022 09:09:00


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