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what happen to the 7 day of no attacks for new players. on my 2nd day and just been destroyed by 4 big players
18 February 2022 20:13:51
18 February 2022 20:13:51
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Equal players can always be attacked - from day one.... the beginner protection is not limited to days but by player size....
even I could attack you... I can steal your resources, destroy your fleet and your defenses won't be able to stop me... attackers' motive is always resources and combat experience...

Players who have less than 25,000 static points can mostly be robbed by attackers 5 times larger...
Players who have more than 25,000 points can even be attacked by players 10 times larger....

you made the classic mistake of growing up very quickly and are now dealing with more experienced robbers - instead of getting to know the entire game mechanics first......

I wish you an honorable death...
3 March 2022 21:18:37
3 March 2022 21:18:37


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