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Open voting: Transfer the right of veto from the OB to the RB?

1. Yes, transfer the right of veto from the OB to the RB. - 2 (100%: DKPR, Volsh)

2. No, leave OB veto power. - 0 (0%)

3. Vasya is Putin's daughter. - 0 (0%)

Total voted: 3.

Transfer the right of veto from the OB to the RB?, Transfer the right of veto from the OB to the RB?

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As a memberNavy, by all the rules of the game, I create a topic with a survey and a call to action.

Please give me your opinion onillegal vote, put forwardABOUT and approvedsecret a vote that destroys RB's ability to block admin decisions to change gameplay. The OB is completely subordinate to the administration and there are no frameworks for it, except for the decrees of the administration.

As you can see,resurrected ABOUT promised to fulfillthe following actionsif he is given the right to:

We have never seen real results.

In addition to the Navy, where I am implementing a public vote, I ask you to arrange inSenate andCongress public vote.

I also ask you to express your opinion to the Navypublicly. The Senate and Congress will choose their format as they see fit, if they choose.

The voting period is until a quorum is reached, by a simple majority, or 7 days from the date of publication.

*P.S. For those who are especially stubborn, now I am not RB or IoRB, if anything, so the choice is only on your conscience, and not on the teams of the alliance, your friends and some kind of preferences there.
13 July 2022 15:25:07
13 July 2022 15:25:07
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Голосование окончено, большое всем спасибо.
Нет кворума.
27 July 2022 00:54:20
27 July 2022 00:54:20


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