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Can you please explain what is going on? Ban for what?, Post-Friday bombing. So far, no voting.

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Good day to all, dear members of the Navy !!
Not so long ago KA(For Newfags Insidious Administration/Bloody Administration) entered the outputhides to USDT and immediately the "repressions" that you can observe inban-list starting from 11/02/22.
Almost all the players banned in the "first pack" were either banned before or did not enter the game at all a long time ago, and even dead people in the direct sense of the word. More about the real dead later.
I'm here sucking for myself, as many might think, so I will justify your expectations. Here is a screenshot from the "first pack", the first one did not change anything, as it is:(I could ask friends to take a screen or anyone, but I dump the actual one from that moment)
Pay attention to ban times. There was a bunch of bans, as the KA in the form of Vasya explained to me at that time that it was "according to the script."
I thought that it was possible to solve this issue with KA in a personal and without inflating it to the public. And he began to prove to the KA that I had already served a month for my old sins under 5.1, where Vasya "pardoned" me. Proofs:
Proof 1
Proof 2
After that I tried to communicate with the players, who are on a short leg with KA, so that they could find out what was the matter, but this did not lead to anything.
I served all three accountsulcerated/OvCore/Razzagal a little less than a month in 2018 and Vasya "pardoned" me.
At that time, in 2018, they wrote me 5.1 for old sins. I did my time for them and have never sinned since. He did not hand over his accounts to anyone, he never even physically allowed him to manage his account from his PC / mobile.(I can show the devices on the video and describe where when I was)

The main question is that the KA should doubt the actions "Victoria": "But isn't she biased towards the players??? Maybe she will explain to the public why all the above screenshots indicate manual intervention disguised as good deeds ??
Let me explain again: KA in the faceVictoria bans a bunch of players supposedly "according to the script", as KA initially says, we add a couple of "undesirable" players to this pack and everything seems to look fine for the majority, and even more so for beginners.
Well, the bombing is purely food, breathe:
You have project rules,specifically 5.4, which openly state that only "manually". Where is your "manual"? And where is your evidence?
Vasya, I don’t want to dump personal correspondence with you on a general forum where you are completely incompetent in such matters, or maybe you are not a cake. But I really want to hear detailed explanations at least about my case, but better in each case separately.
And what about entry with USDT and withdrawal, you say? Stay tuned for more answers in this thread.
Send please whoever can and supports in the Senate and Congress, and the general forum will not hurt.
This is how it turned out in the pit...
Sincerely, Ulrezaj/OvCore/Razzagal.
19 November 2022 04:01:18
19 November 2022 04:01:18
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очень интересно почитать обьяснение !
19 November 2022 18:25:23
19 November 2022 18:25:23
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5.1 такое размытое правило..по нему можно всех банить..
19 November 2022 20:01:54
19 November 2022 20:01:54
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Если КА немного обкакалась и не хочет этого признавать чтобы не создавать прецедента, так и скажите.

ИМХО, КА дала указание Виктории без конкретных пояснений что стоит делать и она, как бывший игрок, спроецировала их на своих старых оппонентов.

Я летом "бадался" с ней по поводу подловов на пиратах...

Где же КА? Железяка читал тему, Анклин читал, я вас видел тут.
20 November 2022 00:42:36
20 November 2022 00:42:36
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Баны не законые, топов рубят и это ужене первый случий.
Евгений давай переписку на глаза общественности)) всем будет интересно , что же в нутри великой игры спряталось.
22 November 2022 00:49:49
22 November 2022 00:49:49
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Всем доброго времени суток. Администрация проекта в лице VasyaMalevich провела со мной разъяснительную беседу по поводу бана моего тоса.

Публично признаю, что был не прав, больше так делать не буду. Прошу "понять, простить и вынуть дудку"(с).

Претензий к КА не имею.
1 December 2022 23:11:43
1 December 2022 23:11:43


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