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Responsible: RedBarmaley  

Fleet cargo space miscalculation, Hold overfills and unable to fly

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The user on whose account the problem was detected:

DM me

Date or time of the incident (according to server time):
3 Oct 10:06:40

After recycling a pirate which dropped 2 biomass, I went on to to kill a biger one.
Supposedly I stuffed my recycling hold so full that I can no longer fly on to kill the next, or even in fact go home

Corrective action:
Recycling should stall when you reach full INCLUDING all transportables which are already aboard.

Actions required to repeat the problem:
Overfill your recycling while already having components onboard


2nd case;
Toss comes down from exp to defend with cargo and carriers.
Fleet with cargo comes from the surface and joins.
Some ships return to the planet, hold space appears more than adequate, see screenshot below.
Cant fly because 150 interceptors somenow no longer fit.... how big is an interceptor? it doesnt say anywhere. How about an energy charge or biomass, who ____ing knows?
heres the shot after I added enough ships that only 3 didnt fit.

Now if you ask me, the ships departing that created the impossible situation should not have been allowed to fly in the first place.
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3 October 2023 10:35:25
3 October 2023 10:35:25
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