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Topic: Entering holes for xerjs | 28 August 2015 13:43
Message #65
We introduced new buildings for xerjs.

Metal hole
Mineral hole
Vespen hole

I remind you about the action

At the weekend, 29-30 August you will get 10% bonus when you buy the Hydarian crystals through Xsolla.
Message #64
We are glad to present dear players a new opportunity of some buildings - depletion!
Each race can feel the innovation 7 days later (ask why? - read on!)

Buildings that have a "tendency" to depletion:
For terrans:
• Metal Mine
• Mineral Mine
• Vespene Refinery
• Metal Well
• Geyser

For xerjs:
• Rectification Tunnel
• Incubator update
• Extractor

For tosses:
• Red Nexus
• Blue Nexus
• Green Nexus
From that day, every week (7 days) of operation of such objects will deplete the building by about 1%, thereby lowering the production of this building. To reset% of depletion you need only to build one level of the building.

For example!
Peter built a Metal Mine. He extracts 10,000 per hour from it. After 4 weeks Peter will produce 9600 per hour, because the exhaustion of the mines will be 4%.
Topic: More resources to collect from the planet | 25 August 2015 15:38
Message #63
Now you can collect more resources from the surface of the planet if the climate on the planet is:
a) “Dry” – metal
b) “Moist” – minerals
c) “Gas” – Vespen

And while the summer ends which is sad, we will make discounts. Get ready for the autumn battles.
At the weekend, 29-30 August you will get 10% bonus when you buy the Hydarian crystals through Xsolla.
Topic: Improved interface for mobile devices. | 21 August 2015 09:43
Message #62
Issue of the full adaptive mobile interface for screens with a width of 600 pixels is delayed. Thereby, the administration wants to make use of the current interfaces for playing tablets and phones the most comfortable.

Such width of the page is supported except pages "Buildings" and "Galaxy Level 2".

We have removed the display of units in the Review of the classic interface, as well as displaying the events there. Sending fleet was completely revised; bug of the zoom in the Review was fixed. Left menu folds to provide more space for content.

Known bugs:

- the bottom panel Review of a realistic interface, it will be deleted
- disabled selection of units in the Shipyard / Defense in the browser "Safari", will be fixed today
- stretched beyond Dialogues

Let's find more bugs of interface.
Topic: Geologist is no longer working on asteroids | 18 August 2015 11:17
Message #61
Geologist is no longer gives a bonus to the production of asteroids.

Yesterday xerjs’ production was reduced and a bug in the formula of Red droids of Tosses have been fixed, because they spent less energy than they should.
Message #60
The maximum tax of alliances changed, instead of 6% became 4%.

If alliances demanded more than 4% tax is automatically changed to 4%:

if was 5% become 4%, if was 6% become 4%.
Topic: Fuel Technologies | 13 August 2015 13:08
Message #59
There are new technologies which will reduce fuel consumption

For terrans - by types of engines.
Optimization of the Rocket Engine
Optimization of the Impulse Drive
Optimization of the Hyperspace Drive

The evolution of consumption for xerjs was enhanced from 1% to 1.5% and the negative effect of amortization was removed.

Technologies for tosses were added according to the type of ships: civil / battle.
Fuel Processing of C-engines
Fuel Processing of B-engines

If you do not see the new technologies probably requirements for them have not been met yet. Requirements can be found in the "Technology tree"
Topic: Officer Synthetic | 12 August 2015 06:54
Message #58
Quote: dimitrisnik24

already available
Topic: Officer Synthetic | 11 August 2015 21:27
Message #57
Officer for all races who supervise spending of fuel is introduced.
Message #56
The cost of interplanetary missiles is reduced by 500 in Vespen, but their speed is reduced 10 times.
Topic: Metal well | 10 August 2015 08:56
Message #55
Quote: shane
on my capital planet my metal well level 8 is not showing any production when I click on the building its fine on my second planet

Increase energy power in Resources menu in manual, now is 0% power = zero production.
Topic: Retreat from the battle is disabled | 9 August 2015 21:54
Message #54
The retreat is turned on again.
Topic: Retreat from the battle is disabled | 9 August 2015 14:49
Message #53
The retreat from the battle is temporarily disabled for technical reasons.
We will announce you when turn on it again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Topic: Report on inapropiate Player-Name | 6 August 2015 09:13
Message #52
This player was deleted
Topic: SAF was disable under certain condition | 5 August 2015 15:15
Message #51
but it should be remembered that during 5 seconds after arrival it is impossible to take off.
Topic: Planet ordering | 4 August 2015 10:07
Message #50
You can rearrange your planets:
More - Options - Interface - Planet list sorting - Manual sorting
Topic: Migration of planets | 4 August 2015 10:04
Message #49
Now you can transfer your planets in the section renaming planets (overview page).

1. Transferring allowed to players who have more than 25,000 points.
2. Only planets can be shifted. (The transfer is not subject to asteroids, moons and entities)
3. You can migrate only on the empty planets or on the coordinates that are not related to flying fleets or fleets in the hold. Also coordinates or a planet should be without a moon or entity. Exceptions: you can move the planet associated with the fleet of Bestiary, Aldaris or Overmind.
4. You can migrate the planet at a distance up to 2 000 000.
5. Special planets (first planets of each arm) cannot be transferred.
6. The number of possible transfers is the level of colonization technology.
7. If the planet has a moon or entity and they have the same owner, moon or entity is transferred together with the planet. Otherwise, the moon remains on the coordinates, the planet is migrated.
8. Transfer is possible only for those planets that are in 800-999 arms.
9.One planet can be transferred only once.

Moved planet remains the same as it was.
Upt. You can transfer your planets till October, 1
Message #48
The new building geyser added to the Terran. While 1 field to all levels of the building.

Ranking of the jump gate, situated on the moon, was slightly updated; there are also plans to make the visibility of the closed gates.
Topic: Battle reports | 30 July 2015 09:47
Message #47
Now instead of 3 possible types you will get only 2:
Simple battle report type and full-featured battle report type.

Now the autoloading of the battle will not depend on a link. It depends only on the personal settings.

Let's say a friend sent you a link: and you have:
a) Simple type of the battle report – you download a report only, without a movie. To see the battle - you need to click the Play button.
b) Full-featured functional type of the battle report - you can download a report or show fight immediately. It all depends on the tick next to the words "play a combat report automatically".
Topic: New sections of the forum | 28 July 2015 09:19
Message #46
We are constantly improving the game trying to make it better and more comfortable to play.
If you have interesting ideas, you can describe them in the forum in the New ideas section and a section for your complaints was created too.

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