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Topic: Jump Gates | 7 February 2019 03:13
Message #25
When searching for gates at "Find Teleport", there is no classification of gates. This way all gates seem accessible.

but, the data are not correct. Drawing the information from another near by gate with "View" link, it displays the correct condition.

In addition Gates of Level 1 MUST NOT be presented as available to other players. According to the screen below can be used ONLY from the Gate Owner.

Topic: Tutor page too hidden for new users | 2 February 2019 21:25
Message #24
Post it to bugs section. There, it is possible to be read.
Here it will not.
Topic: expediton not solving the problem | 2 February 2019 21:17
Message #23
Been a year in here, and never heard that before... please share the people who lost their fleet. 
I want to examine the case.
Topic: Gravity Gun got the new ability | 2 February 2019 21:10
Message #22
Will you please be so kind and be accurate giving more details?

What kind of stations? I suppose neither PPS nor OPS. You refer to stations built by human players.

What is the cost of movement? Such stations use Vespene, Crystals, Crystals and Vespene?

Probably are more ecologic stations and use only solar energy... Gravity Gun got the new ability

Topic: expediton not solving the problem | 26 January 2019 03:22
Message #21

Expedition for saving the fleet can be safe if you know how to execute it in a safe way.
Recall your fleet from expedition At Least 24hrs BEFORE the panned end of it.
No fleet dies earlier than 24hrs before the planned end of expedition.

Unfortunately, your tutor did not spend enough time with you to introduce you to safe early steps.
I am certain that you have missed many other very useful features that there exist (e.g. colonization insides, planets' features, many many numbers and mathematical expressions around that none invested time to explain you).

This happens to many players... it is a pitty!

Topic: FAS - one small change please | 25 January 2019 02:32
Message #20
Topic: Solar Satelite - ability to redeploy? | 25 January 2019 02:27
Message #19

We humans are doomed in this game...

We only exist as prey for the other races...

Unless, if you do not seek a quick development, and you make your moves carefully Solar Satelite - ability to redeploy?
Topic: Pirate Scourges | 25 January 2019 02:24
Message #18
You nailed it! To be on the safe side, you need to send a scout fleet!
Topic: Translator | 25 January 2019 02:19
Message #17

You may have good experience with in-game translator, but in this game the translation using google is at least lousy. I have the feeling that the English translation was performed using a translator (most probably google or some partner like by a person who does not really understand / speak English (at least international English).

When planning to use such tools, you write accordingly (i.e. short, simple sentences, without using linguistic references, no passive voice, and accurate meaning in the original language). I believe -unable to prove it though- that the original texts would not be approved by a literate on Russian language. Thus, for this game a translator is totally useless.

p.s. I am not in any way related to the game admins. I am a regular player like you Translator

Topic: support | 25 January 2019 01:51
Message #16

Can you share the exact condition under which you lost your stations?
Where "exact condition", I mean coordinates of the planet, coordinates of your stations.

Please read carefully this, especially the underlined part on the destruction details.

Your report is not the first one on the subject. Watch this thread "22 of my space wanders are just gone".

1 ) This is screen that is displayed though a link from the details of all vessels that can perform the destruction mission,
like DeathStar (here), Usurper (here and here), Patriarch (here), e.t.c.

2 ) I am not related in any way with game admins. I am a normal player like you, a bit more literate probably support
Topic: Strategy choices | 19 January 2019 17:34
Message #15
Do you really understand the "Speciallization" section in the data of each vessel? I have the feeling that you do not.

The automation you ask is questionable when we have battles between players. You need to adapt your targets based on the situation at each moment. More ships may enter or leave the battle, or even you may want to sacrifice ships to accomplish your goal. The goal is not always to kill enemy. It may be get maximum battle experience points even if you get killed.
Topic: Ally History | 19 January 2019 17:26
Message #14
Do you know GPDR?
This is sensitive personal informationAlly History.
Topic: Pirate Scourges | 19 January 2019 17:23
Message #13
Which smaller than 150k points player has telepath?

Smaller players either learn hard way, or they have a good tutor to introduce them to the secrets of attacking safely.
p.s. I do not mean that all tutors do so...
Topic: Translator | 19 January 2019 17:15
Message #12
Most of the translations from Russian to English in the game are done using Google (obvious). This is the reason you cannot understand the exact functionality in English.
Complex linguistic schemas (e.g. passive voice, or referral sentences) cannot be properly translated (yet).

It is a good idea, but technology cannot help (yet) when you do not write properly, in simple direct short sentences, in the original language.
Topic: Flight paths of fleets | 11 January 2019 23:16
Message #11
Well.... no question is stupid!
Answers can be!

None from the game designers/developers/admins/partners bothered to answer this. Either they do not care, or they do not know what the designer-Overmind had in his mind.

The line is curved because universe is curved. Provided that universe is still expanding following the Big Bang, the Overminds of the game wanted to give a realistic touch to it.

Of course, realistic is not necessarily logical, but this is a case to be discussed separately.

Those are purely personal opinions deriving from logical (!!!) thinking. None of the opinions are explained to me from game admins, and I am not in anyway involved with game decisions.
Topic: Pirate features Admiral 10 +++++ | 11 January 2019 22:55
Message #10
So... you thought that Pirates got only Admiral 10...????
You are wrong see this:

got also this (+3% damage)

and this (+3% armor and +3% shields)

+50% shields, armor, attack (admiral 10)
+3% damage
+3% armor
+ DISTRIBUTED in systems (not 9 pirate fleet in one system)

Comments are yours... I just post observations!

Did you notice that for the last one we were not informed?

Happy new year!
Message #9
Please explain which are, or planned to be those objects.
Is Be-Be station such an object?

Topic: Be-Be Station auction | 18 December 2018 23:11
Message #8
Brilliant idea! One of the two unique stations that cannot be re-captured, but still behave like OPS, PPS and Space ship together, plus it can shoot while moving from system to system.

but why so greedy attitude?
a- you need to pay 1 HC for each bet,
b- you have to have the HC when the bid close, but there is no statement of exact closing time,
c- no step for the bidding... which means that admin loses money from step -a-
d- the owner states the accepted bid, even if there are higher bidders in the mean time

... and why it is not accessible from users at any language? Why we should use the Russian when the "project" is interested for the international market?

Forgive me holy father for I have sinned thinking that I could advise YOU! Be-Be Station auction
Topic: non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail | 6 December 2018 19:07
Message #7
---- no comment on that ----

p.s. Ask cpt Kirk to wait at subspace before entering Warp Speed.... non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail

Topic: non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail | 6 December 2018 18:40
Message #6
The problem is not the "non aggression". The frustration for "useless non aggression" is a side-effect of the silly implementation of warmup.
When the flight is not on a planet / moon / station it is already in flight, so why warmup? ... to heat up the engine due to low temperature, or to accelerate due to gravitational field?
Hilarious...non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail non-aggression for non-combatants is a fail

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