Get your own planet in online strategy Xcraft. Conquer the cosmic space, create your own empire! QUICK START (2 minutes): for Humans or for Xerjs +2500 of metal +2500 of minerals

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Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 11:59
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Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 07:29
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ok so start with a space station how? another moon? and what description is this you speak of? Im sorry for all the questions and I really appreciate the help thanks dude.
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 07:06
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It won't let me build a space station on either moons it says "it is impossible to build together with alstasion until its upgraded to superstation" and it wont let me delete alstation that I built for a previous quest.
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 6 August 2019 04:02
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: i've built an alstastion on one moon a quay on the other do I need anther moon for a space station?
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 16 April 2019 02:34
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Thanks Nibbles
Topic: No 3 The Viking one | 15 April 2019 19:55
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1 Agent and an elite Destroyer ship are delivered on your planet! This is what it says in my quest thing but I cant find it, first question: does it come after you have reached the 36000 stats points, next question: if you attack a pirate fleet from one of your colonys (the one that triggers the destroyer to come, I'm assuming thats what happens) does the destroyer come to that colony or straight to home base. Thanks.

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