Sensor phalanx

Cost of the 1st level:

40 00020 00010 000 CRP 1.5
High-frequency sensors scan the spectrum of radiation impinging on the phalanx. Powerful computers combine the smallest fluctuations in energy and receive information about the movements of fleets on distant objects, and the Emperor is better able to analyze the data and to receive data not only from the planets. Fleets sent from the moon are always invisible. Vespen gas is used to view the data using the formula ([phalanx level]*1000-per-view). Viewing is via the Galaxy. It doesn’t show the return from the order “Deploy”.
Sensor range is calculated using a formula: [phalanx level] * 100 ckm. Within the same range, xerjs Insectiod Entities can be detected. Entities are live moons that may collide with your moon when sent to your coordinates, destroying both moons. Distance can be increased by 10% per each level of officer Emperor.