Emerald Artifact
Dark-green, mysterious deep color which can enchant any living being is not the only advantage of the artifact: it boosts the movement of Vespene gas molecules, allowing an easier extraction from the depths and increases the base output of gas by 1%. (With each successive artifact effect falls). Also, the emerald artifact improves the shields of defensive units on the planet (including shield regeneration) by 1%. It can be found during an expedition to Babylon sector (galaxy arms 300-600).

The effect of several artifacts is summarized, does not occupy fields.

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Comparison by level
Amount Bonus percentage
1 1%
2 1.74%
3 2.41%
4 3.03%
5 3.62%
6 4.19%
7 4.74%
8 5.28%
9 5.8%
10 6.31%