Destroyment of fleet in shreds
If the number of points of the attacking fleet does not exceed 1% of the defensive forces of the object (the sum of the defense points, the war fleet of the owner of the object, excluding the fleet under the FAS, and the defending fleets of other players), then the enemy destroy the fleet to shreds because of too much destructive power, without the formation of debris.
Enemy fleets' points in high orbit and in occupation of the object are taken into account are taken into account in the same way.
Active defence points are added to the fleet points if the fleet belongs to the owner of the object.
A weak player's fleet is counted in any check to destroying of the fleet to shreds.
The enemy cannot destroy the fleet in shreds if its number of points exceeds 1000.
In destroying the fleet to shreds, the points of the following units are not counted: Espionage Probe, Spy-fly and Observer.