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Topic: Frustration of players | 20 November 2016 19:36:24
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First of all, I would like to say that I intended to post on the topic "Eqaulíbrio", but I got a message that players with the option "Terran" could not post there.

Multiplayer online multiplayer games all have a master line to take action.

You can not expand very fast and should focus on building defenses of your worlds.

Each game has a way of balancing the players, or, as in Astro Empires, an initial protection up to a certain point.

The defense has the function of charging the attacker a cost. And this cost will be proportional to the investment made in the defensive artifacts.

Here's what happens with this game, XCraft.

The defense does not charge in proportional terms. If an attacker appears with a massive fleet it will not have any proportional loss.

That's why I noticed something intriguing in this game: the expressive number of players who abandon it. There are many who have been represented by the absentee card for more than 28 days ...

Now I understand why.

Programmers need to understand, that a player primarily invests time in games like this. If he plays correctly, investing in defense to realize that his investment is meaningless, he will abandon the game. In XCraft, I realized, you better invest in a large fleet to retaliate. But, most players do not do this, as the beginning player rule is to invest first in the defense and then start building a fleet.

I am a novice player, as you can tell, but a veteran of other platforms. And I strongly condemn XCraft.
My intervention in this forum is to alert programmers to re-evaluate the game so that they can improve it.