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Topic: ingredients workshop items | 24 March 2024 00:00:07
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stealth lunar base

silicate and regalite dust where to get those, ruby and sapphire i gues you get from destroying planets
if there somewhere more info let me know
Topic: Sailor Moon and computer technology | 8 November 2019 01:51:30
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no compensation or anything playing half year only so many nerfs game needs new admin one who more mature i find 
Topic: quest 7 | 20 July 2019 14:32:31
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so any detail on this i know where coord of earth are but what you need to do transport, colonise? what is the reward of q7 and it whale looking picture there was topic somewhere else but no decend anser
Topic: agression reduction with hc | 12 June 2019 00:37:38
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buy off agression pirates with hc agression reduction with hc
Topic: speed SW | 5 June 2019 19:40:40
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this only decrease player playing this game with shitty changes... 
Topic: Slots of New Planets | 14 May 2019 18:52:11
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but this is with techs and terraforming i bet
Topic: temp on planets and there resources | 19 March 2019 01:16:10
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you cap a mineral planet that gives 2% more mineral is a warmer temperature better or colder better for production mineral
Topic: Slots of New Planets | 13 March 2019 02:36:07
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no size doesnt mather also keep resending colonie ships if it bad fields abandon it and recap i got for example a 320+ fields
Topic: remarks and balance the game | 9 March 2019 02:57:39
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your right the new players that just started building and close by someone with 1.5mil points building close to you is not even fair and shouldnt be possible