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Hi all,

I am rather new at Xcraft, but I have  and still am playing other games in the same style.  The game has very nice potential and some things are fun, but other things are really frustrating.  Even in that level that I am at the edge of quiting the game.

Here are some things that frustrate me:


Although in the beginning of the game I had build a (I think so) strong defense, it turned out to be useless.  Even with 25 creep, spore, sensor and sunken (and yes 25 of each of them so 100 in total) colonies, every fleet tha tcame to my planet wiped out my defense without conciderable losses.  My conlusion: defense is worthless, so i now have no defense at all, the result is the same with or without defense.


There are players who have build a massive fleet, I dont mind about that, ater all it's a game that involves battle.

But what frustrates me is that player  can send fleet after  fleet after fleet to attack and rob my resources.  I do have reveral players that are doing this for over a week: two, three times a day an attack to my plannets.  So how am I able to collect resources, build a fleet, upgrade buildings  and do research if my resources are being robbed again and again and again?

In a week time I got atacked no less then 27 times, that is an average of 3 times a day!  That means my feelt that I try to rebuild is wiped out each time, resources are stolen and defenses  wiped out!  I already stated that I stopped building defenses since they seem to be useless against massive fleets of say, 100 battlecruisers, 100 bombers and 100 destroyers.

Upgrading and research price:

I don't understand how ever would be possible for a player who doesn't want to invest money in the game to build some upgrades and do certain research.

Like the bestiary, upgrade to level 3: 20.000.000 metal, 40.000.000 mineral, 60.000.000 vespene. How is that possible to get that?  I have 5 planets, total of around 9000 metal income an hour; to get 20.000.000 metal I would need about 92 day production!  Vespene: I  have something like 4000 income, to get 60.000.000 vespene it would take about two years !! To get that amount.

For research same thing, after a certain level it is almost impossible to do research as the  costs get so high. Take Colonization: to get from level 4 to 5 256.000 minerals, level 5 to 6 1.024.000 minerals,... that takes weeks or months to get such amounts, and that would be if  I  didn't do anything else duriing that time: no upgrading buildings, no building a fleet, etc.  And ofcoucrse, as I stated above, no other player would come buy and rob my resources...  I did try to waiit for some days or weeks to get resources to do research, but when you get say 50.000 miinerals or vespene, and a player attacks you, then you can start over all again in waiting... just to get attacked and robbed again...

At the level that I am now, it's almost impossible for me to upgrade buildings and do more research since each time I am getting a lot off resources they get stolen.

Missions / quests:

I have no idea what the value of the quests is.  Most of them seem rather useless to me. 

Take mission 4: I get attacked by the overmind and thats it?? Bbig deal.  I do nothing the fleet attacks it leave and hey thats it.

Or the the pirate misison 6: I already attacked one pirate swarm a dozen times, each time I gain victory, get resoruces but it doesn't get me any further in the  quest.  I just doesn't seem to be able to  'kill' the  zwarm.  So why bother and try again?

Even without completing the quests, it seems I can continue in the game just the same.  Do the same reserearch, upgrade my buildings just the same way, build a exact same fleet.  So what is the  use?  

Some suggestiions to make things better:

Balance defense and attack.  

If 25 spore or sensor colonies fire a blast at a fleet of 100 ships, it's not 'right' or 'fair'  that there is no damages at all.  In real life such an attcak would damage and destroy several ships in such a fleet.  In the game the 100 ships just seem to add their shield and  defense together making them almost untouchable.

For the attack, why not make it impossible for one player to attack another say more then once a week ?  In that way no player can make advantage of his superior fleet /rank over weaker players and suck them dry for resources.

Also, do not only take the players points in account to decide if he can be attcaked or not.  A player with  100 times less points but who buys crystals can buy ships and build a fleet  with ship types he is not  possible to build.  If I was willing to spend money I could buy, say 10.000 crystals and  go to the trade martket and buy  a huge fleet,  even if I am not able to build a strong ship in my shipyard.  I then could attack players who are playing 'the right way' and don't have a massive fleet.

If you take the fleet a player wants to send in account, then things get more fair and more balanced.  Sending a fleet of 100 Battlecruisers to a planet with only 5 creep colonies for defense and a fleet of 5 ships, is completely out off balance too.

Research and upgrade buildings:

Forget the multiplication factor.  Or from a certain level, lower it.  In real life it's also not so that research cost double each time you go a level up in detail.  Sometimes it even gets cheaper just because you get an advantage from earlier research.  So I think that should be  more balanced too.  That's even more so for construction: it's  comparable cheaper to build a large house then a small house: the costs to start, equipment, hours etc are the same for a  large building as for a small building.  So just adding a multiplication facter is not reasonable beyond a  certain level.

I know it is a lot, but I hope some things will change or I will be leaaving the game soon.  And from what I read in the forum and notice about  the game; there are lot of players that start and think the game has potential, but after a certain level quit.
26 June 2018 00:18:09
26 June 2018 00:18:09
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Stop complaining and start planning.

As I understand, your main problem is that you cannot collect resources. So learn how to back up your fleet and resources. First of all, build a transport ship, load it with all resources that you have, then add to that fleet some very slow unit. Additionally, adjust speed of your fleet to one of the lower values. And send it all to somewhere far away for many hours (few days). Next day, approximately in the same time re-call the fleet. And on the next day (two days later) you will get your resources back. Add one more transport, and continue accumulating resources.

Also, why are you playing for Xerj race? Don't you get warned at the time of registration, that xerj is recommended for experienced players? Try out humans, may be it will be easier.
29 June 2018 19:54:26
29 June 2018 19:54:26
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thanks for the advice on the resource topic.

But as you can read in my 'list' it's not the only thing that I think is unbalanced in the game.

The aspect of resources is just one part of the game.  Besides,  even wiith your 'trick' it takes days or so to get enough resources to build when you are on a higher level.  As I said, to build high level buildings or units it would take me sometimes weeks to gather te resources.  So what is the fun in a game when you have to wait two week only to get resources enough to build one unit, or upgrade one building or do a high level research?

I really think the game has very good potential,  I like how it is based on the starcraft universe, I played SC 1 and SC2 for years. the drawings are  fine, the topic of ships and research are ok, but the balance between resources  gathering and need is , IMHO not good.

And I have another account playing human, I agree, it is somewhat easier, but the basic complaints are the same.
1 July 2018 00:56:14
1 July 2018 00:56:14
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pannylait HI.

my suggestion is that build a transport ships to carry your resources from time to time as ion_nsk_region suggested earlier and another thing as that build your other planet from as far away from one other as you can( like you have planet like 8:839:? then your next planet would be 40:839:?) that way if your one planet gets attack you have other planets still not touched and it produced resources for you at that time. And as your other topic there is nothing you or i can do about it as the game balance is done by the players who are playing the game wright now so you can understand what its means remarks and balance the game .

My only suggestion as that you find a good alliance with member near your area to protect you from your attacker. that way you will be only save yourself here.

if you need any help or suggestion/help you can also message me as well.
1 July 2018 18:18:26
1 July 2018 18:18:26
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+1 pannylait, this game is totally unbalanced. Everyone with much more power can destroy your defences and ships which player build for months. So players are pushed to joint some alliance if they want to survive. I am quitting this game as I don't want to waste my time to build "imperium" with 100 planets 1million  ships and 1billion hydarian crystals ... just to survive.
25 July 2018 12:24:47
25 July 2018 12:24:47
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your right the new players that just started building and close by someone with 1.5mil points building close to you is not even fair and shouldnt be possible 
9 March 2019 02:57:39
9 March 2019 02:57:39


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