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This has been going on for a long time now. What used to be UN territory has been taken away and is being filled by other alliances, you're constantly hunted, your infrastructure is being wiped out and it's not going to change anytime soon, so my question is: why are you still there? It's a huge map with less than 10% settled and now that pirates spawn anywhere on the map where there are settlements there's no reason to stay where you aren't wanted. Why not pick an empty area on the map and start colonizing? I'm sure that if 50 or so of your active alliance members decided to move to an unsettled area, you all could build a new home in no time at all.
Topic: Ripper of Planets | 30 May 2022 07:06:10
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Any rewards, awards or purchases in the premium page always go to the planet they are activated on. To get your ripper to the planet you wanted you would have to colonize it first, then activate the ripper there. Too late now, but handy info for next time, especially with the quest rewards.

That ripper is good as a base for your fleet as it has less warmup time than planets do, but is very expensive to upgrade if using the ripper function so not really worth it.
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_KIM_, thanks. I didn't consider that anyone would want them but they sold right away on the market.

UncleanOne, if you wanted more droids built why did you cut the amount the nexuses would hide so drastically? I had to sell about 90% of the droids on the one planet to get to where they were all hidden again. Also, yes you can cut power to the droids but they are still a target sitting there unprotected. Last thing: you cut planetary production by 10%, which is the bonus that paying for Premium is, so you need to add 10% more production to the Premium bonus. Otherwise, I will be cancelling that and I hope everyone else does too. It's just not cool to steal from your paying customers. Edit: dropping the monthly subscription price by 10% would also work.
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Two things about the recent changes:

All pirate hunting fleets are now going out at 40% speed to compensate for the changes to the amount of pirates that spawn and the amount of debris collected, so how about an option to set the default speed to whatever percentage we want? It's annoying to have to change the speed for every single flight out.

Also, the recent changes to the Toss droids has made it necessary to get rid of a lot of them, but there is no way to do that. How about a fleet trader like the Humans have or an option to delete some of them at least?
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If debris from player battles has dropped to 20%, then yes you'd need more.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 25 April 2021 14:53:29
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Need some clarification with this:

While a satellite is being captured, some of its special abilities would be disabled. Starting a teleportation process or Entity jump, as well as changing speed of flight in LC, would become impossible as soon as battle for capture starts. In addition, if the capturing fleet wins the fight, currently started preparations for teleportation or Entity Jump would be canceled, and flight in LC would be stopped.

First off, What is LC?

Secondly, does this mean that if I send an OPS to a destination 100 systems away and it gets captured somewhere in the middle, that it will not reach it's destination? It has always continued on to it's final destination, even after capture. Just wondering if that has been changed.