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Topic: payment | 11 June 2021 22:36
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I'm not involved with payments, so it's just a guess, but you're using English language in-game. What if you switch it to German for the payment?
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 9 May 2021 21:41
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Quote: Dragoneye
First off, as soon as the colony ship went into 24 hour hold, the planet showed all characteristics on the galaxy map, which means I can send that colony ship out to discover new planet types without every losing it. Intended?
Quote: Dragoneye
The other thing I noticed is that the colony ship that is on hold waiting to colonize does not show up on the galaxy map. Intended?

Those are “intended” (needed to make new system work for now, but may be changed in future, if abused).
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 28 April 2021 22:12
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Quote: Lopdam
so is it becurse it was sent before the change or whats wrong ?

There was a bug in a service that sends fleets back from holding. It was fixed today.

Quote: Lopdam
for an example xerg gigalords quest takes 3 months

Quests are not affected. This one will finish the mission as soon as Gigalord reaches destination planet.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 28 April 2021 13:26
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Quote: stein
Since that time we had 1000 game changes.

The game is still in development state. It's unfortunate that changes disrupt your game plans, but I don't think there was a way for an indie Chelyabinsk studio to develop a finished project of this scale before releasing it to public.

Quote: stein
AND absolute impossible if only russians get exact datas and anouncements

That's simply not true. We publish balance changes and announcements in all languages we support, roughly at the same time.
Russian part of playerbase may get the most debate, since it's the largest part and more players ask questions. But we try our best to provide critical info for all players equally.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 27 April 2021 14:48
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Quote: SusiS
Quote: UncleanOne
estimated deployment date

Quote: SusiS

We apologize for missing our estimate by one day, but even with that there was no guarantee we would apply a patch exactly at 00:00:00 of April 26th. It seems you're taking it too personally and not arguing in good faith.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 25 April 2021 15:46
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Quote: Frankie
What is LC?

Local coordinates.

Quote: Frankie
does this mean that if I send an OPS to a destination 100 systems away and it gets captured somewhere in the middle, that it will not reach it's destination?

We don't move fleets attached to the satellite with it, so we have to stop the satellite from jumping with prolonged capture process.
(I'm also not sure this is a good mechanic anyway to keep the Entity flying after owner change.)
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 23 April 2021 11:25
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Quote: stein
You speak from OBJECTS.
SO you mean alliance bank, Alliance stations, Teran space station, dunkles, insects, ripper etc. too ?????
so its possible to steal them ???

No, I mean objects that currently can be colonized (free planets, asteroids, PPS/temples, OPS). No new types are added to this category.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 22 April 2021 18:40
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Testing is finished, estimated deployment date is Monday, 26.04.2021.
Topic: HH alliance | 12 April 2021 12:24
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Quote: seksoje
they kill recyclers, cargo ships, everything that moves. They worship devil.

They are doing good work.

I wonder how many people got disqualified from Starcraft tournaments because they dropped an army at defenseless enemy base and killed all their SCVs? Not that many, I'd wager.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 25 March 2021 23:58
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Some changes to this feature were required by Bloodthirsty Administration™, please check the first post for updated information.
Topic: Xcraft burns down again | 16 March 2021 13:08
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Quote: seksoje
this guy considers himself a hunter

Most people IRL who call themselves “hunters” are the ones who kill defenseless lumps of meat from afar using advanced weaponry. So he had a point.

Quote: Marsman
"unwritten service rules of craft"

These rules do more harm than good, IMO. But that's the choice of the playerbase.
Topic: How to Get FAS Working | 4 March 2021 13:15
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Quote: Jean_Lafitte
So, how many fighters can I fit into the hanger? One per level, two, more?

One level of Hangar can cover 80 points of fleet. A Fighter is valued at 1.3 points, meaning each level of Hangar can cover ~60 Fighters. For 1000 Fighters one would need level 16+ Hangar, without accounting for other ships like cargo and recyclers. You can see details at FAS page, accessible from Overview.

Quote: Jean_Lafitte
I need between 1k to 5k fighters. With that small amout of fighters, will all those fit in the hanger?

Relying strictly on Hangars may work for 1k, but with larger fleet it would be not feasible. On that level, it is better to start investing in defense to protect fleet and resources, or develop a habit of “saving” them manually when you leave the game for several hours or more.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 2 March 2021 12:52
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Quote: zumzum
I used like 40 lurkers to colonize last planet, until I got 300+ fields. It took few days, I still have real life, sure. If I have to slow this approach down by 1 hour, or by 3-4 or 8 during my normal shift at work... (yes, RL), colonizing a planet and getting "quality" extends to months.

I don't see any value in messing with free planets either, but can't help with that.

Quote: zumzum
who was playing with energy consumption and production of terran this morning?

I see no changes in base values for terran production in last month. Please check Ally network and other possible dynamic modifiers.
Topic: Announce: Colonization mission rework | 2 March 2021 11:19
Message #31
Any Colonization order will require at least 24 hours of hold to take control of the object. Fleet with Colonization order would be placed on hold at the target object after winning a fight against object's defenders. Other holding features will also apply.
While in holding mode, the fleet could be seen in espionage reports (with the same requirements as there are for Defense and Occupation fleets).

While a satellite is being captured, some of its special abilities would be disabled. Starting a teleportation process or Entity jump, as well as changing speed of flight in LC, would become impossible as soon as battle for capture starts. In addition, if the capturing fleet wins the fight, currently started preparations for teleportation or Entity Jump would be canceled, and flight in LC would be stopped.
Functioning of Tribunal, Sensor Phalanx or other special buildings would not be affected by the capture.

For free planets or stations, a fleet would need at least 24 hours of hold as well. Non-friendly fleets trying to colonize same object would engage in a combat.
With longer hold time, the “quality of planetary base” (i.e. building field count) will increase slightly. Unknown planet would be “opened” when a colonizing fleet is put on hold at it (after that, that planet would be able to be spied).

Allied players would be able to hold at the same object with Colonization order. After the first Colonization that finishes successfully, all other fleet will turn back.

Quests that require colonization won't be affected.

Topic: Its possible to answer before other tell question | 25 February 2021 20:07
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SusiS, messages you just sent are displayed using your device time, while other messages are dated with server time. Most likely, it's your device that is out of sync.
If you refresh the dialog, you shouldn't see any time travel.
Topic: CANON POWER / destruction of OPS defence | 16 February 2021 16:26
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HardStone, gravity damage isn't tied to stat points. Can you please give more info about those objects? (In PM)
Topic: Announcement! Alliance leader elections | 9 February 2021 11:49
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Quote: Marsman
you have an opportunity to have a vote in the topic here

Since the vote options in that topic aren't autotranslated, here's what they say (just in case someone may need it):
«ЗА изменение полномочий НТ» => in favor of changing People's Tribune powers
«ЗА изменение полномочий глав альянсов» => in favor of changing alliance leaders' powers
«ЗА возможность выхода из политики» => in favor of having an option to exclude oneself from politics
«ПРОТИВ всех представленных изменений» => against all presented changes
«Навальный» => Navalny [joke option]
Topic: Inflation | 29 January 2021 22:26
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Not a bug.

Moving this to Complaints.
Topic: Announce: Jump gate changes | 3 December 2020 19:24
Message #26
Good news:

Gate interface will be moved to dedicated page, with better navigation and messaging.
- Unified interface for viewing, performing jumps and changing settings (for Gate owners).
- Links to Gates in list for quicker navigation.
- Ability to hide closed Gates from list and other small improvements.

A new mechanism for setting personal access rights will be added instead of current crutch.
- Right now, the only way to personally alter access to Gates involves using ignore list in PM. Since this mechanics is not really related to Gates, we will remove it, adding proper “allow/deny” lists.
- Personal access rights will work separately for each gate and each direction.
- Temporary access changes are also considered.

Bad news:

Jumping through any Gates will require Vespene, which would be taken from jumping fleet's cargo. Jump to any distance will use a standard fuel consumption value (listed in unit's description for each unit).

Jumping to Gates of inactive players will be forbidden.
Topic: I have a major Problem - black hole | 6 November 2020 09:38
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Quote: hunts
I know how I send my safe fleets out.

We don't argue with that. I see a lot of your fleets that were sent to expedition with 999-hour hold. But also several of them with 24-hour hold, including the one you mentioned.

Quote: hunts
the front end application had a glitch and went with the default 24 hour time frame

If that's the problem, we would like to know how can we reproduce it, so we can fix that.

Quote: hunts
What would be a good fix is simply default to 999 and let us change it from there.

Some players still use expeditions for their original purpose (finding random things), and longer expedition hold time also means more fuel consumption, so I don't see the highest value as a good default for everyone.
Maybe as a user setting it will be fine.

Quote: hunts
Show me your logs

I'm afraid it's not possible, since they are for internal use only. I can cite some non-public info about your fleets (like time of arrival, carried resources etc) to you in private, if you wish to verify that we keep information about them.