Accelerating fleet , by spending several Hydarian

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"Superfuel technology gives you an opportunity of accelerating your fleet by spending several Hydarian"

- How to do that? Can i accelerate every ships?
27 December 2014 12:46:17
27 December 2014 12:46:17
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PIOTREK, with superfuel you can increase the speed of one fleet you send. All ships in the fleet will get the boost, but for accelerating next fleet you will need to spend Hydarians again. As you research superfuel technology the cost of this emergency speed-up will go down.

For somewhat permanent speed increase for your Hydarian you may use experimental upgrades. You can find them in Unit Info => 'Level' table section.
27 December 2014 13:11:28
27 December 2014 13:11:28


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