Purchasing Pack 1 - 2 - 3, I hope you need money

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On 25 December 2014 I bought the second pack ( 1000 Hydarian ) I got 3.000.000 units of each resource and a Battle ship «Space Wanderer». The specification are: "A medal of the next level replaces the previous level medal. It`s given for a year and after that you can earn medal and bonus again. It is understood that pack you can buy once a year, and not after 365 days. So, this morning I Bought Pack 1 and i got only the Crystal. Please resolve this problem Because i want to buy the second one again.
Respectfuly thank you and wish you a New Year full of joy and achievement

P.S. "By selling extra resources for real money, we're able to keep the basic game services free. By purchasing Hydarians, you help to develop not only your empire but the whole Xcraft. "

I hope you need money for this . . . :-)
1 January 2015 16:55:01
1 January 2015 16:55:01


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