Different changes from 07.14.2015

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The cost of the flaming worm, the usurper, the devourer and the guardian remade in the direction of the more metal and gas and less mineral (at the cost in unires is not affected - that is, in the end, the price remained the same, but became more convenient to build them on the basis of production Changes are not affected to the armor - only guard armor, just a little bit got up)

Requirements for some evolutions were changed (but probably only the players who registered a week ago notice this).

Tectonic Converter (Toss) gives now 7 fields, instead of 5.

For Juggernaut - basic capacity was risen from 350 000 to 400 000
14 July 2015 20:46:41
14 July 2015 20:46:41
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lol so xerj get beter and beter on their end meh lol
14 July 2015 20:54:34
14 July 2015 20:54:34
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yep at least boost the speed of Destroyers to compensate
16 July 2015 21:26:04
16 July 2015 21:26:04


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