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Now: 22 August 2019 03:55

Last updates

20-08-2019 15:05:35
We've updated the image of the human recycler.
20-08-2019 12:55:27
We've added a bonus to the buildings and defense for the structure by formula:
[Amount of resources spent on buildings and defense] ^ ( 0.8 )
19-08-2019 21:23:42
Expeditions sent from the holding of the object now have no chance of finding Grendizer and the Babylon tower.
19-08-2019 16:24:27
Expeditions sent from the coordinates now have no chance of finding Grendizer and the Babylon tower.
19-08-2019 15:34:16
Filters in the galaxy include a player's score filter
19-08-2019 13:55:20
The density of the asteroids is reduced and now x2 compared to other objects
19-08-2019 13:51:11
The formula of the structure has changed (reduced by a factor of 1000 again).
[Structure] = ([0.00000002] * [Mass, kg]) / ([[Diameter, km]/2] ^ 2).
19-08-2019 13:41:31
The formula of the structure has changed (reduced by a factor of 1000).
[Structure] = ([0.00002] * [Mass, kg]) / ([[Diameter, km]/2] ^ 2).
19-08-2019 13:07:18
The density of the planets has been reduced by a factor of 1000.
Asteroid density has been increased by a factor of 10.
The structure formula has changed to [Structure] = ([0.02] * [Mass, kg]) / ([[Diameter, km]/2] ^ 2).
All satellites over 1000 km are reduced to 1000 km.
Details: Структура спутников, варианты решения проблемы.
16-08-2019 18:37:08
Hydralisks cover the structure of objects less than 100 km. We have fixed the bug that caused the hydralisks/shields to protect the structure of the dunkleosteus (now they do not hide) and other stations over 100 km.
16-08-2019 16:08:56
We've updated the human race units (cruiser, battlecruiser, destroyer, bomber)
16-08-2019 14:27:46
Decreases in building levels for the new OPS 5kk.
14-08-2019 14:58:46
The overview camera is approaching asteroids by default.
14-08-2019 14:03:31
We've added Officer Agent's bonus to the maximum teleportation distance.
14-08-2019 13:22:15
We have added the button of forced one-time loading of the 3D view on the page of the gravity gun. For example, to temporarily turn on the 3d on a mobile device. However, the performance on mobile devices is not guaranteed and depends directly on the technical parameters of the device.
14-08-2019 9:29:29
We have made a detailed description of the maximum distance on the teleportation page of the station.
14-08-2019 9:16:44
When a gravity gun hits Dunkleosteus, it slows down by a factor of 10. This happened in the overview, but was not taken into account in the collisions, which led to different positions of satellites. Bug was fixed.
13-08-2019 16:14:36
The energy consumption of the small panel dome, large shield dome and planetary defence was reduced by half in order to soften the previous update.
13-08-2019 16:05:32
The small shield dome consumes twice as much energy, the large shield dome consumes more than 3 times as much energy and the planetary defence consumes 100 times as much energy.
13-08-2019 14:33:34
Interplanetary missiles and interceptor missiles can be sold to a fleet trader.
13-08-2019 13:57:49
We've reduced the basic shields of the shield crystal from 3000 to 2500.
13-08-2019 13:56:10
We've reduced the number of shield crystals by a factor of 10 at the new OPS.
13-08-2019 6:32:37
We've added the option of unprotecting newbies by sending an IPM.
A small modification of the IPM sending was made.
12-08-2019 18:41:01
We've added the ability to collide with pirate temples (all objects except planets)
12-08-2019 18:32:55
Updating the object state for the button of quick structure viewing in the planets panel in the galaxy.
12-08-2019 18:15:11
The construction of the Shield Battery on the Tosses satellites is permitted.
Shield crystal covers the structure of objects like the domes of humans.
12-08-2019 16:09:00
We corrected the debris collection rate bonuses for the gigalord.
12-08-2019 15:43:28
We fixed a bug of pirate battles under an OPS contract.
12-08-2019 9:39:30
We reduced the armor level of the hydralisks for the structure by half.
09-08-2019 19:34:51
Hydralisks of xerjs on the surface of the object with a diameter of less than 100 km absorb the damage of gravity beam with their bodies.
Hydralisks, like humans domes, cover the structure of the objects, by the size of their own armor.
09-08-2019 16:35:17
Basic teleportation range of the station is reduced from 1500 to 1000
09-08-2019 16:26:29
Wormhive can be built on an asteroid of xerjs.
09-08-2019 15:54:15
We added bonus of the building Space station +1 million structure per level
09-08-2019 15:37:15
Bonus of superstation was increased from 50% to 100% per level.
09-08-2019 15:10:53
The structure of all objects is reduced.
The defensive structure is added to the calculation of the object mass.
Domes are added to the details of the structure.
09-08-2019 10:38:17
Bonuses of buildings from the structure are transferred to the mass to reduce the structure of objects.
08-08-2019 22:29:18
The bonus of buildings for the structure is reduced.
08-08-2019 21:10:20
We fixed the auxin bonus bug for the structure
08-08-2019 16:16:55
We have increased the structure bonus from 10% to 100% on all satellites.
08-08-2019 15:57:21
We've turned on the gravity gun and collision services.
08-08-2019 15:55:27
We have updated the formulae for calculating the structure of objects with details on the object renaming page.
08-08-2019 15:52:04
We have temporarily disabled the gravitational gun and collision services to update the structure of all server objects.
08-08-2019 11:37:27
We made a clarification of the description of the wormhive.
08-08-2019 10:30:43
Recycling time for automatic sending is increased up to 4 hours.
07-08-2019 21:12:10
Free renaming of Energus of tosses
07-08-2019 13:45:16
The basic rate of debris collection has been reduced by another third.
06-08-2019 10:11:33
Description for the wormhive
05-08-2019 21:03:26
Solved the issue Russian Text in Scripts
05-08-2019 20:44:08
Now you can select the Destruction mission when sending the fleet to the OPS belonging to pirates.
05-08-2019 10:17:30
Shots from the gravity gun will be delayed if a fight is going on. This is to prevent the shields from being pulled down to the negative.
05-08-2019 7:22:21
We have removed the display of banned players from the tables of the absolute and breakthrough category of the "Player of the Year" contest.
02-08-2019 11:48:57
A thirty-second delay was added to the Colonization and Occupation missions.
02-08-2019 8:26:48
Information on the number of irradiated units is added to the battle report.
01-08-2019 12:13:24
Quests are displayed according to race.
Quest Ark is now the seventh quest of xerjs.
Quest Telepathist is now the fifth quest of tosses.
Quest Relicts is now the tenth quest of tosses.
Quests are still available to all races, but the description is only for the specified above.
01-08-2019 6:51:43
We have fixed the planetoid formulas in the bonus calculator.
31-07-2019 17:24:40
The intergalactic network now gives +1% acceleration of debris collection rate per level instead of 10%.
Photon cutting tools now give +5% acceleration of debris collection rate per level instead of +10%.
The splinter collection evolution now gives +5% acceleration of debris collection rate per level instead of +10%.
31-07-2019 15:15:31
We've fixed a message that comes with the exclusion of players from the alliance (Не могу исключить из альянса ИШЕК!!!)
30-07-2019 15:34:34
We've updated the Viking image.
30-07-2019 13:33:57
We've upgraded the stealth. Now it has secrecy technology and looks like a fighter. Now it's not clear whether it's a fighter or a stealth.
30-07-2019 12:17:51
A grandiose upgrade of the fighter
30-07-2019 11:04:01
We corrected the warning text when leaving the OPS (message when leaving a pps ).
30-07-2019 10:42:43
We fixed the free renaming of the asteroid.
30-07-2019 10:27:58
We have corrected the influence of Officer Professor on the cost of gravity technology research.
30-07-2019 9:31:30
Inversion of sound setup options
30-07-2019 8:31:28
The English voice of Overmind
30-07-2019 6:33:37
The possibility of deleting an account using social networks is implemented.
29-07-2019 15:19:18
The average amount of debris from the moon and derived objects is added to the spy report.
29-07-2019 10:52:18
You can see the points of the selected fleet when sending.
29-07-2019 10:36:45
We've fixed the sending of the fleet to the holes.
26-07-2019 12:45:21
Total defense and fleet points at the object are added to the spy report.
26-07-2019 6:59:13
The form of the planet's renaming is displayed even if the number of Hydarian crystals is insufficient
25-07-2019 13:17:10
We added an explanation of the need to pay 1 hc when writing off amortisation debt
25-07-2019 8:28:20
Previewing youtube links in dialogues
25-07-2019 7:59:00
Activation of x2 Crazy!
24-07-2019 15:35:40
We have replaced the Overmind, the character of the event briefings of the first two quests.
24-07-2019 14:43:59
When attacking with an interplanetary missile, a newbie protection acts on the orbital pirate station.
23-07-2019 12:50:55
The initial cost of creating a contract on a player at Buba is increased from 250 to 500 HC
23-07-2019 8:21:20
We've prohibited the simultaneous building of a bank and the entity
22-07-2019 16:03:01
We've clarified the lang that's used when hitting a story player
19-07-2019 18:08:58
We have fixed a bug of collisions that accidentally led to a situation where it was impossible to shoot down an OPS of weak/strong pirate.
19-07-2019 11:35:08
We improved the insertion of coordinates when sending a fleet
18-07-2019 22:56:13
Support for inserting coordinates in the sending.
You can copy text like '[1:1:1]' or you can copy a link.
When you paste into a galaxy, system or planet field, the values are automatically assigned.
But not all links contain the value of the planet, for such links in the field of the planet will be put '11' that will give an error and prevent the wrong sending.
18-07-2019 15:45:32
We've reduced the number of fleets at new OPS_20000
16-07-2019 15:35:12
We fixed the bug. Spy report showed wrong current local coordinates for moving objects.
16-07-2019 14:02:20
15-07-2019 11:29:05
The text "Next jump possible in" is highlighted in red for the standing entity
12-07-2019 17:05:18
12-07-2019 14:39:48
Sending fleets for repair only to objects with the shipyard of their race Жуки захотели ремонтироваться на верфи ОПС).
12-07-2019 14:39:20
We have reduced the requirements for the construction of the Recycler for humans with Shield Technology => 2 to Shield Technology => 1.
12-07-2019 14:03:32
We have removed the prohibition on viewing topics/forums in other languages.
12-07-2019 13:23:52
Bug with pirate OPS was fixed Pirate domination
12-07-2019 12:58:14
Resource overflows are displayed in the reports of the bestiary.
12-07-2019 10:47:44
We've added an extra part to the second quest.
11-07-2019 19:30:49
We've updated the look of Battleship and Jouan.
11-07-2019 14:44:48
In spy reports you can see the current amount of energy instead of the energy produced.
11-07-2019 14:12:43
We have reduced the requirements for the construction of a recycler and a colony ship of humans.
11-07-2019 13:39:18
You can see the bank that is being built in the building menu
10-07-2019 21:01:12
We updated the description of the structure
10-07-2019 18:35:46
We've optimized the gravity gun shooting data
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Gravity Gun got the new ability

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Dunkleostyeus of xerjs released

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