Last updates

18-07-2024 20:06:50
Players with stat points less than 100000 and battle experience of at least 30 are out of newbie protection.
18-07-2024 9:46:17
Hiding information about the owner of an object is disabled for players who have not reached 25k points.
17-07-2024 18:18:18
Bestiary radius has been reduced to 10k сkm per building level. Payment delivery and refunds will be made for another month taking into account the old radius.
16-07-2024 14:00:36
The warm-up time from a planet is now increased by a factor of (1+[diameter]/10000), instead of 1.25 times. ( )
Increased warm-up on the return trip now applies not only to the ‘Transport’ order, but also to the ‘Occupy’, ‘ Contamination’ and ‘Devouring’ orders.
12-07-2024 20:08:51
The production of major human and xerjs mining buildings and the energy consumption of minor ones are reduced.
10-07-2024 18:03:24
Acceleration time now decreases in proportion to speed to the power of ½, instead of ⅓ ( removal of fleet warm up changes )
09-07-2024 13:55:54
The capture of OPS has been canceled, except for those who arrived on the quest
08-07-2024 20:03:17
The recovery percentage of most defensive installations has been increased.
08-07-2024 15:20:11
Displaying activity detected at an object only for Premium account holders
08-07-2024 14:16:02
Added graphs of changes in points and positions on the statistics page.
05-07-2024 17:37:44
Paid deletion of comments from a player's profile
27-06-2024 7:10:52
When objects are destroyed, items from fleets destroyed with the objects fall into the debris
25-06-2024 14:49:28
Items are hidden in the composition of foreign fleets
24-06-2024 19:37:41
Increased the damage per round of most defensive units.
21-06-2024 12:28:29
The number of broodlings required to intercept an interplanetary missile has been reduced from 4 to 2.
The number of anti-ballistic missile from the mine level has been increased, and the cost has been reduced by 2000 metal and 1000 minerals.
The cost of an interplanetary missile has been increased by 25000 metal, and the speed has been reduced by 5 times.
19-06-2024 14:51:42
Now you can tell by the comet's tail whether it contains gas or not.
18-06-2024 12:45:06
Warm-up time now decreases in proportion to speed to the power of ⅓, instead of ½ (дендра).
17-06-2024 14:56:51
Bestiary's range of action has been reduced to 50k km.
Delivery of payment and return of goods for another month will be carried out taking into account the old radius.
07-06-2024 11:25:29
The Gravity Gun Premium damage bonus now accumulates with a continuous subscription.
04-06-2024 17:32:47
Tosses Hangar bonus to attack Interceptors and Stormtroopers increased from x1.24 to x1.28 per level.
04-06-2024 17:24:54
Increased the damage per round of most defensive installations, as well as Vikings in defense mode.
28-05-2024 20:42:12
Toss Hangar's attack bonus for Interceptors and Assaulter has been increased from x1.11 to x1.24 per level. The attack period of Interceptors and Stormtroopers has been increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
28-05-2024 20:10:14
Viking damage in defense mode is now increased by 8 times, instead of 3.
28-05-2024 19:56:37
Mass damage blocking parameters for light defensive installations have been changed.
28-05-2024 19:37:26
Increased the damage per round of most defensive installations.
27-05-2024 21:37:43
Now any orbital objects are not destroyed when you leave them.
21-05-2024 12:41:44
Fastling's speed has been reduced from 900 to 800.
15-05-2024 14:56:08
The fuel costs of Recycler, Provider and Warp Prism have been increased.
15-05-2024 13:35:12
The amount of metal and minerals dropped when moons are destroyed, as well as the amount of minerals dropped when comets are destroyed, has been increased.
The production of Geyser, Vespene Hole and Green Nexus has been reduced.
13-05-2024 13:55:22
The salvo parameters of the Left and Right human turrets have been changed from 13000x5 to 11000x12.
07-05-2024 13:20:20
Added the possibility of receiving a random discount on one of the officers of any race.
07-05-2024 13:20:20
The depletion reset bonus received from the X2 order of Officer Storekeeper has been replaced by a depletion accumulation stop.
02-05-2024 18:53:25
Space Wanderer fuel costs increased from 7000/6000 to 8000/7000.
29-04-2024 13:10:29
Added a new item Periscope. Drops into the debris after a fight with a pirate.
26-04-2024 16:56:29
The period for issuing orders in battle has been reduced from 20 to 10 seconds.
24-04-2024 20:07:28
The speed of battle has been halved: the round time has been increased from 25 to 50 seconds, the time for accumulating orders has been increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
21-04-2024 19:14:21
Launch x2crazy!
08-04-2024 16:29:03
+1% to speed for each month of premium (fading percentage)
05-04-2024 7:08:41
New item Dynamiser added. Drops in the debris after a battle with a pirate.
02-04-2024 10:17:24
Added a new Geocartographer item. Dropped into debris after a fight with a pirate.
26-03-2024 13:23:58
Top 10 alliance battles
25-03-2024 12:14:58
Bonus "Speed March in honour of the project's birthday" changed from 250% to 100%
18-03-2024 13:52:01
Officer Telepathist now protects the owner from stealing the keys of the capital.
12-03-2024 17:30:26
Added a new item Psychochromatic Projector. The recipe can be found on the expedition.
09-03-2024 20:35:25
The bonus "Speed March in honour of the project's birthday" has been changed from 100% to 250%
05-03-2024 12:20:25
The price for adding to the Digital Assets Register has been changed from 12,000 to 6,000 HC
04-03-2024 19:51:04
Countdown timer to new elections in the Alliance
21-02-2024 20:51:51
Show details of the current depreciation percentage on the Resources and Empire pages
15-02-2024 20:55:47
A fleet that is colonized or returned to colonization will remain colonized even if the level of Colonization Technology is insufficient
15-02-2024 17:25:41
When returning to colonization, the fleet remains on hold if it can still colonize the object:
— sufficient level of Colonization technology,
— valid object type,
- free (for planets),
- not on the register,
— you can attack (for those already occupied).
If the fleet is already in Colonization and one of these points is not true, the fleet will be turned back.
08-02-2024 15:52:40
The parameters of the Pankorov salvo (36x55 -> 16x160) and Needle Trees (15x12 -> 10x18 ) have been changed. Needle Trees also have target hold disabled.
07-02-2024 19:00:33
BE-BE can now be captured like all other OPS
06-02-2024 21:14:47
Additional unit losses at the end of combat are now only possible if armour remaining is less than 10%. If there is more than 5% armour remaining, the unit can be lost in space, if less than 5%, it can be destroyed. The probability of losing a unit will be equal to 10% - N, where N is the remaining armour of the unit in %.
01-02-2024 21:01:13
Fleet recovery is now calculated based on the entire fleet destroyed in battle
01-02-2024 8:42:33
Added new items: Anti-corrosion chamber, Vacuum chamber, Pressure stabilizer, Resource preserver, Microbiots, Heat-resistant container, Mineral seal, Gas collector. All these items can be found in the expedition and are activated immediately when placed in buildings.
29-01-2024 19:47:30
The line between a unit being destroyed at the end of a battle and being lost in space is now 90% of the remaining armor
29-01-2024 14:28:31
Regeneration effect increased to 0.5% per level.
29-01-2024 13:13:25
The probability of additional destruction when leaving the battle is reduced by 10 times
26-01-2024 14:46:25
Regeneration effect has been temporarily reduced to 0.1% per round.
26-01-2024 12:47:59
The possibility of loss in space has been replaced by the possibility of destruction
25-01-2024 17:25:28
Dreadlisk: we have changed the salvo parameters (3x13 -> 2x16) and the bonus on reinforced armour (1.4 -> 1.6).
25-01-2024 13:46:17
24-01-2024 10:43:00
Added a new item: fluorite spotlight. The recipe can be found on the expedition.
19-01-2024 13:54:51
New items added: nano-sprayer, titanium tape, space paint bottles. Drop them in the debris after a battle with a pirate.
19-01-2024 13:17:14
Fleets on a comet with a Defence order are now not automatically turned around.
16-01-2024 15:01:00
Added new items: Thermalin Dust, Ultraviolet Emitter, Fluorite Crystals. Drop into the debris after a fight with a pirate.
11-01-2024 11:14:23
In the overview, in the planet panel, removed the debris information, left only for new users.
10-01-2024 18:05:56
Description of the lot in the Digital Register
09-01-2024 13:49:21
The maximum fleet recovery radius has been changed from 100 000 to 10 000
28-12-2023 13:39:45
A new item "Flagship Contract" has been added for all races
23-11-2023 15:38:52
Changed speed bonuses from Reflex Evolution, Photon Knowledge, Space Distortion and Fleet Beacon.
08-11-2023 15:54:53
The bonus to object density from Wormhive has been changed.
18-10-2023 12:06:43
Spy officer bonus has been changed.
17-10-2023 20:09:13
When leaving an object with a negative structure, a gravitational wave is formed according to all the rules
17-10-2023 18:54:58
The active items Vulture, Nidus Net and Oracle have a 0.5% chance of breaking once per hour
03-10-2023 21:18:41
Added "Autocollector" item for each race - when activated on an object, resource fragments on the " Buildings" page are automatically collected
02-10-2023 14:48:04
Displaying ingredients for items and their estimated cost in the Catalogue
29-09-2023 8:39:16
Removal of a random artifact during an attack with an unspecified looting priority.
28-09-2023 13:54:13
The Stealth item can be used on any satellite
22-09-2023 13:45:18
It is allowed to build a Leaf-lift at the OPS.
21-09-2023 7:09:07
In the Options, the ability to select the country whose flag will be displayed (instead of the selected language) has been added.
20-09-2023 13:55:39
The “Stealth” item now hides in any orbit; such an object can only be detected by approaching it at a distance equal to 1000 of its diameters
12-09-2023 14:22:22
Reduced premium account cost for Hydarian crystals
06-09-2023 12:26:23
Displaying the "Renegade" status for friendly and foreign fleets
04-09-2023 15:41:35
The item "Stealth" and the recipe for it have been introduced, details will be in the description of the item and the recipe
04-09-2023 15:06:46
The “Gravitational Wave Invulnerability” ability has been removed from all stations except administration and pirate stations.
25-08-2023 14:15:15
Added the ability to reveal visibility from your objects to friends and alliance members through the properties of the object.
By default, general visibility is disabled, the player can independently configure individual visibility for allies.
21-08-2023 19:26:21
The rate of extraction of gas from comets is increased by 2 times.
21-08-2023 13:32:39
Visibility extends to allies (alliance members and friends)
17-08-2023 14:28:57
The requirements for the Fleet Beacon have been changed: the number of buildings has been reduced, disciplines have been replaced.
Fleet Beacon, Psi Disrupter and Bestiary are now allowed to be built on asteroids. (NB: Bestiary level 3 and above will not be able to operate as a marketplace on an asteroid.)
15-08-2023 19:44:27
Detection Technology, Fleet Beacon: Visibility Reduced (2000 -> 1000), (3000 -> 2000)
15-08-2023 18:12:39
Sensor spore colonies: doubled visibility radius (1000 -> 2000) and attack period in battle (1s -> 2s).
14-08-2023 16:36:02
Entry into battle of Attack aircraft and Interceptors from the fleet only from Aircraft carriers
14-08-2023 11:08:19
Fog of War Implementation (Update/Change Visibility Rules)
11-08-2023 18:10:41
Sign of overload when displaying a fleet.
10-08-2023 13:38:13
You can build artefacts in the Workshop using recipes
02-08-2023 12:15:16
Artifacts are now items, all their properties are saved
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the announcement of the pirate stations



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Quiz: Notification when Telepath, a survey of sound

you can select sound notification when Telepath



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The announcement of the FAS

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Sound notification about attacks

and some more new items



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Pumping technology and Evolution of drones

a means of combating the depletion is already created



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More resources to collect from the planet

and more Hydarian crystals to buy



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