Auto repair of the 25% of the lost fleet was introduced

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The development of auto repair of the fleet was completed today. 25% of the fleet who died after any battle will arrive after a certain period to the nearest planetary shipyard or its equivalent for the Xerjs or Tosses:
• in a day if the battle occurred on the planet itself or on its coordinates; to the moon if the fight was on the moon;
• three days later if the fight was in the solar system;
• 7 days later if the fight was in the radius 100 000 ckm from the shipyard.

Each unit in the shipyard will have a timer which will show when it will arrive there.

For example, we have lost 100 mudkips in a battle on the current planet. The timer of daily waiting for 25 mudkips will appear in the incubator. After the expiration of the term, units will be recovered automatically as the defense does now with a tenfold speed relative to the speed of its construction.

You can cancel the building, returning the resources. The percentage of debris in a battle will not decrease.

If in a radius of 100 000 ckm from the battle will not be any shipyard at the time of the battle, fleet will not be restored. If there is a shipyard on the moon or asteroids, the fleet will appear in the nearest one. The moons have precedence of the asteroids.

The debris of the fleet which will be recovered drops in a full measure.

The concept of the repair will be supplemented and improved, depending on your wishes, dear members of the project.

The commission of the resource merchant was reduced from 25 to 10%.
6 October 2015 10:13:45
6 October 2015 10:13:45
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Quote: Victoria
The commission of the resource merchant was reduced from 25 to 10%.

thank;) )
8 October 2015 01:34:13
8 October 2015 01:34:13


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