Fuel technologies are changed

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Terrans’ researches Optimization of the rocket engine, Optimization of the Impulse Drive, Optimization of the Hyperspace Drive
as well as xerjs’ Evolution of consumption
as well as tosses’ disciplines Fuel Processing of C-engines, Fuel Processing of B-engines
now give 2% per level.
1 September 2015 16:55:34
1 September 2015 16:55:34
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instead of dumb balances you guys should make it better for the players in order to survive and grow and not make it hard which leads to abandon game cause its already pain in the arse to worry not to get attacked which makes your game more like a second job so expect loosing more ppl in October and i do hope you guys close this game cause you cant even manage it right
2 September 2015 13:11:14
2 September 2015 13:11:14


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